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Bolt Paper can be unlocked for purchase in the Hunter’s Dream Shop, and this is the best way to farm Bolt Paper in bulk. But you have to collect a special badge before you can buy it.

The Spark Hunter Badge is earned as a reward for defeating Darkbeast Paarl, a hidden boss in the invisible village of Yahar’gul.

How to unlock Bolt Paper

Clearing Out the Byrgenwerth Kin with a Bolt-Infused Weapon / Bloodborne
Eliminate the Byrgenwerth Kin with a bolt-infused weapon

As with many consumables, you must find a Hunter Badge to unlock Bolt Paper in the Hunter’s Dream Messenger Shop.

The Spark Hunter Badge is guarded by Darkbeast Paarl, a hidden boss just outside of Yahar’gul, a late-game area.

Yahar'gul, the Unseen Village / Bloodborne
Yahar’gul, the invisible village

There are multiple routes to reach Darkbeast Paarl, with varying speeds and danger levels, so read on to decide which route you prefer.

1. The safe method

If you are not in a hurry to get Bolt Paper or you are looking for a big challenge, I recommend following this method to get the Spark Hunter badge.

Just progress through the game as usual until you reach Yahar’gul, the invisible village.

Once you’ve done this, play through the level normally until you reach the Yahar’gul Chapel Lamp.

The Yahar'gul Chapel Lamp / Bloodborne
The Yahar’gul Chapel Lamp

From the Yahar’gul Chapel lamp, go straight through the door, then turn right once you reach the chair in the middle of the path.

Head up those steps and look for a gap in the railing in front of you. From here you can survey the difficult enemy encounter below you.

Watching the enemies from atop the ledge/Bloodborne
Watch the enemies from the top of the ledge

Drop off this ledge and perform a dash attack to take out the shooter below.

Drop off the next ledge to do the same with the dogs, then rush to the witch in the front left corner of the courtyard to stop her from summoning more enemies.

Sweep up the remaining enemies, then keep going down the path until you go back inside.

The Way That Leads Back Inside / Bloodborne
The path that leads back inside

Once back inside, get ready to run (you can fight the coming enemies, but it’s really, really hard).

Run down the steps to your right, then immediately U-turn at the bottom to go down another flight of stairs behind you.

At the end of these stairs is a small door – run in here and get ready to roll away from a werewolf at the end of the corridor.

The door at the bottom of the second flight of stairs / Bloodborne
The door at the top of the second flight of stairs

Once out of the corridor, turn left immediately and then right once you hit the wall.

Run straight through a broken grate, a door and a second broken grate.

Once through the second row of bars, turn right to see a hole in the prison wall.

The Hole in the Prison Wall / Bloodborne
The hole in the prison wall

The enemies pursuing you won’t follow you through this hole, so go through it and breathe a sigh of relief.

From the ledge at the end of the escape tunnel, you can see Darkbeast Paarl asleep in his arena nearby.

The View from the Edge / Bloodborne
The view from the edge. Paarl sleeps in the distance.

Drop off the ledge and turn left to approach the boss fight.

The invisible trigger that wakes Paarl is at the base of the steps at the end of this path, so be ready before crossing it.

Passing the lantern at the bottom of the stairs will trigger the start of the boss fight/Bloodborne
If you pass the lantern at the bottom of the stairs, the boss fight will begin

Darkbeast Paarl can be a difficult fight for some, but if you’re around level 50 and have some fire paper with you, you can make short work of him.

If you’re having trouble defeating Paarl, continue to the Defeating Darkbeast Paarl section for some tips on how to survive the encounter.

2. The Snatcher Method

The riskier way to unlock Bolt Paper is to intentionally get kidnapped and thrown in the jail in the area right before the fight against Darkbeast Paarl.

Start at the Cathedral Ward Lamp and then walk straight until you exit the building.

The Cathedral Ward Lamp / Bloodborne
The Cathedral Ward Lamp

Once outside, look right to find a Snatcher, a large humanoid enemy with a sack slung over his shoulder.

In order to spawn the Snatcher you must have killed the Blood-hunged Beast but not yet Rom, The Vacuous Spider.

The Grabber / Bloodborne
The snapper

Let the Snatcher kill you and a cutscene will play. When the cutscene is over, you’ll find yourself in a dark cell in Yahar’gul.

Your prison cell in Yahar'gul / Bloodborne
Her jail cell in Yahar’gul

Open the metal gate directly in front of you to exit the cell, then turn left and keep walking until you see two steps on either side of you.

Head onto one of them and note the door above – we’ll be returning to that door soon.

Go up two more flights of stairs to find yourself at the Hypogean Gaol Lamp.

The Lamp of the Hypogean Prison / Bloodborne
The Lamp of the Hypogean Prison

Light the lamp and go down two flights of stairs to find yourself back at the door you saw earlier. Don’t try to fight the Snatcher in this room – he won’t chase you if you run away.

Go through the door next to the stairs to find yourself in a room full of broken prison cells.

The Ruined Prison Block / Bloodborne
The destroyed prison block

Immediately turn left and then right once you reach the wall. Go through the broken jail cell here and keep going straight until you can’t go any further.

On your right is a hole in the prison wall, your ticket to escape from prison and find Darkbeast Paarl.

The Hole in the Prison Wall / Bloodborne
The hole in the prison wall

Go through the hole and the tunnel it connects to, then drop off the ledge to find yourself back outside.

Across the gap in front of you, Darkbeast Paarl waits asleep for you to enter his arena.

Turn left and go down the path. Get ready for a very tough fight once you get past the lantern at the bottom of the stairs.

If you go past the lantern at the bottom of the stairs you'll get trapped in the Arena/Bloodborne
If you pass the lantern at the bottom of the stairs you will be trapped in the arena

Paarl is an incredibly difficult fight this early, so be prepared.

The community consensus is that you should be around level 50 before fighting him, a far cry from the level my character was at when I tested this method.

If you have chosen this path, I wish you the best of luck.

Beat Darkbeast Paarl

Darkbeast Paarl unleashes an explosion at the start of the fight / Bloodborne
Darkbeast Paarl unleashes an explosion at the start of the fight

However you get to the Darkbeast Paarl fight, you still need to kill him once you get there.

If you’re having trouble defeating the Darkbeast, here are some general tips on how to deal with it:

  • Play aggressively – after a minute or so, Paarl strengthens itself. Try to finish the fight before then.
  • Focus on one limb at a time – Paarl’s limbs have invisible health bars and will collapse when they run out of health
  • Don’t hold on – the camera is the biggest enemy in this fight. Stay unlocked and control the camera manually so you can see what’s going on.
  • Watch out for his AoE attack – look for a growing orb of electricity on his ribs and run away to avoid being blown up by the ensuing explosion

Keep these tips in mind and hopefully you’ll have no problem chopping down the beast and claiming the Spark Hunter Badge.

Item Description of the Spark Hunter Badge / Bloodborne
The item description of the Spark Hunter Badge

Buy bolt paper

Once you’ve earned the Spark Hunter Badge, you can teleport back to the Hunter’s Dream to find a range of new items in the Messenger Store, including Bolt Paper.

The Hunter's Dream Messenger Shop / Bloodborne
The Hunter’s Dream Messenger Shop

Bolt Paper’s price increases over time based on how many bosses you’ve killed.

The prices are as follows:

  • 2,100 Blood Echoes (Standard Price)
  • 5,000 Blood Echoes (after defeating Vicar Amelia)
  • 9,600 Blood Echoes (after defeating Rom, The Vacuous Spider)
  • 14,000 Blood Echoes (after defeating the last boss)

If you don’t have the Echoes to handle those insane prizes, check out our Blood Echoes Farming Guide to learn how to get faster. How to unlock and farm Bolt Paper in Bloodborne – FandomSpot


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