How to unlock all special skins

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Final Edition is ra, and it’s the best game to make people realize why the PS2 version is better. While it could take all day to talk about fan dissatisfaction with the remake, there’s one thing it got right. This trilogy spurred people to come back and play the classics, especially Grand Theft Auto san andreas.

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In 2004, the fifth major GTA game reinvented the term “open world” by offering more content than people had ever expected. It’s filled with hidden content and rare items, with one such thing being special skins. Since many players are reworking the game, this is the way to get all the unique suits.

Pimp Suit

GTA San Andreas - Pimp Suit

GTA San Andreas offers a lot of creative missions and activities related to the gang life of the 90s. One of such activities is the mission Pimping, which asks CJ to take the girls for a ride with their client. . Pimp Suit is the perfect outfit for that. However, it is not available in stores.

To get this outfit, CJ needed to please his girlfriend Denise Robinson completely. After the player completes that, they will receive a Pimp Suit in their closet to keep. To access the suit, the player will have to go into his closet and go to the Specials section.


Country clothes

GTA San Andreas - Country clothes

Back when there was no Farming Simulator, GTA gave players a chance to live rural life. This suit makes farming, tractor driving or walking in the fields all feel great. For players who want to have the ultimate rural experience in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, here’s how to get this costume.

Similar to the Pimp Suit, this time the player has to hang out with Helena Wankstein. They would have to take her to every nook and cranny of her hay barn until she was 100% satisfied. Once completed, Country Clothes will appear in the wardrobe.

Valet Uniform

GTA San Andreas - Servant uniform

Valet Uniform is for those who want to be polite when stealing a car. If that’s not it, it’s for real people parking neatly the better. Either way, this skin is great for many occasions, especially the Valet Parking mission.

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The player must do the quest “555 WE TIP” and kill the valet driving the car around the Vank Hoff Hotel to gain the costume. Once completed, the player will receive his servant uniform and can equip it later.

Racing suit

GTA San Andreas - Racing suit

Grand Theft Auto san andreas’ race The outfit was a nod to the sporting gigs of the era. It’s the best way to look like a racer from the 90s and do racing missions in style. It’s natural for players to think that they can buy this skin from the store, but that’s not possible.

The only way to get this is to attract another girlfriend of CJ. This time it was none other than Michelle Cannes. Players will have to ramp up the throttle while driving to get this skin.

Medic uniform

GTA San Andreas - Medic Uniform

Medic uniform is one of the must have special costumes in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. After all, driving an ambulance wearing a white shirt is not the best thing to wallow in. Players will have to look like real emergency doctors, especially when they are on emergency duty.

To achieve this skin, the player will have to satisfy Katie Zhan fully. Once completed, she will give CJ the Medic Uniform to keep forever. This skin will also appear under the special section to equip.

Cop Uniform

GTA San Andreas - Police uniform

If there is a mandatory dress code, it is the Police Uniform. At last, Grand Theft Auto san andreas is a game all about police and thieves. Furthermore, it offers great “Warning” missions that the player can play by accessing a police car, but doing so without this outfit is blasphemous.

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To obtain the Uniform Cop, the player will have to be a good citizen and fully meet Barbara Schternvart. Do it right, and Unifrom will automatically appear in the closet under special outfits.

Gimp Suit

GTA San Andreas - Gimp Suit

Prior to Saints Row: The Third and its emphasis on the sexual absurdity, there was Grand Theft Auto san andreas and Gimp Suits. This outfit is by far the weirdest outfit in the game and just for that.

But how to achieve such a suit in the game? The key is to play the quest “Key to her Heart” and buy it from the sex shop in Las Venturas. The player can then use it to impress Millie Perkins or wear it on Mount Chiliad. The possibilities are endless.

Croupier Outfit

GTA San Andreas - Croupier Costume

Finally, there’s the Croupier Outfit. From the outside, it might seem like the most unpopular outfit, but it seems like a great fit for casinos, especially after CJ started owning The Four Dragons Casino. Players will have to take the quest “Breaking the bank at Caligula” and complete it to get this skin.

If done correctly, the suit will appear in the wardrobe under the special section. Players can use it to go to the casino, or better yet wear it to the gym to wow everyone.

Ski mask

GTA San Andreas - Ski Mask

The Ski Mask isn’t exactly a full outfit, but it is a special skin that appears briefly in the game. Unlike other suits, Ski Mask is not in the wardrobe at all. The player can only use it in specific missions such as “Home Invasion” and “Burglar”. This item automatically appears when the player starts the quest and disappears after completing them.

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