How to unlock adventure hairstyle

In the Eorzea world of Final Fantasy 14, where fashion is the real ultimate game, having a hairstyle that makes a character stand out is paramount.


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Final Fantasy 14, like many other MMOs, places an emphasis on player identities and their ability to customize their characters. The big difference is many Final Fantasy 14 players become more invested in their characters than in other games. It becomes an extension of themselves and represents not only their personality but also their virtual selves.

One thing that Final Fantasy 14 not lacking are character customization options. Like real life, virtual world of Eorzea is one of the trending and always trendy. While clothes and attractive looks are very important aspects of that, another important component of a character’s personality is their hairstyle. There are many default options for players, but Final Fantasy 14 also offers much more through vendors and special events.


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How to get adventure hairstyle


One of the more unique hairstyles is Adventure Hair. The reason for its uniqueness is that it changes its appearance depending on the gender of the character. Men will have their hair cut to medium length with bangs falling down one-quarter of their faces in a very emotional-friendly fashion. Women will see longer hair with a loose center section. Her hair was tied in a loose ponytail over her shoulders with an embellished bow. The only real downside to this hairstyle is that it can’t be used by Viera or Hrothgar.

When compared with some other items at Manderville Gold Saucer, 14 MGP is a drop in the group. There are several ways to earn this and they can all be done in one hit. The first is to play Mini Cactpot. Getting a perfect scratch can give a player 10,000 MGP.

There is also a weekly fashion show where, with a guide, 60,000 MGP can be easily rewarded with 10,000 of which is just participation. There are also weekly Jumbo Cactpot, Doman Mahjong, Triple Triad and Chocobo Racing. Regardless of which option they choose, there are several entertaining ways to earn the necessary 14 MGP.

How to use adventure hairstyle


After purchase, the player will need to use the Modern Aesthetic – Adventure Item in their inventory to add it to their list of applicable styles. From there, the player will need visit an inn in any major city and use the Esthetician Bell in the room. With only 2,000 Gil, the player will be able to change the hairstyle, hair color, eyebrows, lip color, facial features, tattoos and colors, earrings and colors, and face paint. Esthetician is a great way to change things up if players notice their character is starting to feel a bit stale.

Final Fantasy 14 Currently available for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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