How to Survive Your First Winter in Calgary

Winter is something that every city in Canada has to brace for. Not only is this an incredibly chilly season when the winds and snow can feel like you’re buried, but it’s also an overcast one that can feel gloomy if you don’t get enough time outside. 

Instead of winging it, these are the top ways to survive your first winter in Calgary and why this city understands the importance of getting out and making the most of the season.

1. Get a Good Coat and Mittens

Although this should feel obvious, many out-of-towners will think they can get by with a hoodie and some luck: but temperatures drop lower than negative 20 degrees on a regular basis here. Instead of hoping that the weather will be okay, it’s important to stop and dress appropriately.

Wear layers, get a good coat that will keep you insulated, and get mittens instead of gloves. Gloves may be more attractive and could give you more dexterity, but mittens are better at warming your hands and letting you grip things.

2. Remember to Load Your Car

Your home isn’t the only thing that should be kept safer! When you’re ready to prepare for the winter, you need to create a winter safety kit for your car. This means blankets, snacks, some water, and a bag of cat litter or sand that will help your vehicle regain traction if it gets stuck in the snow or ice.

Check your rations every couple of months in the winter to make sure you’re good, and restock if you use anything. The last thing you want to do is be stranded without anything in your vehicle.

3. Seal All Windows and Doors

Your electricity bill is going to seem horrifying in the winter, but you can combat it. Instead of letting it get out of control, take the time to check your home for leaks. This means holding a lit candle or piece of string near any entrances, doors, or other areas of your home where there may be leaks. If the flame or string moves, despite the door or window being closed, that means there’s a draft you need to look into.  

Simply sealing the gap should work, but if all of your windows or doors are leaking, it could be time to think about replacing them with better units. Most Calgary homes for sale already have these updated.

4. Pay Attention to Weather Forecasts

The weather is going to tell you a lot about what to expect, so make sure you look into the local weather channel or radio stations and keep up with them. If you hear a winter storm is coming in, stock up on supplies and be prepared. 

Winter is Always Beautiful, but it Can be Nicer.

Winter is one of the best seasons, giving you the opportunity to get out, be as active as you want, and never worry about overheating. Although you should do everything you can to be comfortable for this season, don’t be afraid to get out and thrive in it!

Huynh Nguyen

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