How to Survive in the Arctic Biome

There’s a good chance you’ve spent most of your time frolicking in the woods of Icarus. With vast fields and serene lakes, the challenges of each quest will eventually give way to peaceful surroundings. However, in the end, you will enter the frozen wasteland to progress further. This is ours Icarus A guide to help you survive the arctic biome, including crafting Fur Armor Sets, battling polar bears, and staying safe during blizzards.

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Icarus Guide: How to Survive in the Arctic Biome

Fur armor set Icarus

The important factor that you will face if you explore the biomes in the arctic Icarus is the cold. Chances are you’re just using Cloth Armor. It helps, but you’d better wear the Fur Armor Set. These are Level 2 items, but you need to reach level 20 before you can unlock them.

  • Crafted bench – 60x yarn, 50x wood, 12x stone and 20x leather. Used to create various fixtures; must be placed in a shelter.
  • Woven bench – 60x yarn, 20x rod, 50x wood and 12x stone. Create this using Crafting Bench, then deploy it in a shelter. This allows you to craft a variety of Tier 2 armor.
  • Fur Chest Armor – 8x skins, 24x fur and 8x strings.
  • Fur Leg Armor – 8x leather, 18x fur and 8x rope.
  • Feathered Head Armor – 4x skins, 12x feathers and 4x strings.
  • Fur Arm Armor – 4x skins, 8x furs and 2x straps.
  • Fur Feet Armor – 8x skins, 12x furs and 4x straps.
  • Rope – You will need the Leather Breakdown talent from the Survival – Hunting tree. This allows you to convert skins into ropes.

Each piece of Fur Armor is placed in Icarus Provides physical resistance, resistance to exposure and resistance to cold. Wearing the full set also increases cold resistance by 5%.

Note: There are other gear you can wear, such as the Polar Bear Armor Set. Unfortunately this requires more effort and you’ll end up wasting too many points on Blueprint’s talent: Polar Bear Armor at the bottom of the Survival – Hunting tree.

Icrsrv Arc Frozen 1

Those nasty polar bears

By wearing the Fur Armor Set, you’ll be able to stay warm as you walk through the arctic biome. Sadly, you still need to deal with the deadliest predator in these regions, the polar bear. For some inexplicable reason, Icarus there are polar bears even in missions that are considered “easy” or “normal” and they are usually 30 to 40 levels higher than you.

We strongly recommend avoiding head-to-head fights with polar bears, as they will kill you. As an alternative, assuming you’re playing solo, you could pick up a Solo tree talent called Very, Very Quiet. It makes it harder to spot when you’re sneaking around, so stay tuned if you spot these beasts roaming around.

Note: Polar bears and other bears in Icarus tends to move unsteadily. They can sometimes climb to reach obstacles or terrain (i.e. ridges and cliffs) that other animals such as wolves would normally not be able to reach.

Icarus Arctic Biome Guide Polar Bear Snowstorm 1

Shelter during a blizzard

Likewise, you want to watch out for blizzards in your arctic biome Icarus. Compared to light drizzle and showers in the forest, blizzards quickly wreak havoc wooden shelter that you have built. Therefore, it is recommended to build a small shelter/base in the temperate zone (i.e. for crafting purposes) before going to colder landscapes. Using a makeshift shelter at the base of the mountain (i.e. two wooden walls and a wooden roof tilted at an angle) can sometimes help, but I’ve found that exposure can still occur. if your character has no walls.

Icarus Arctic Biome Guide Polar Bear Snowstorm 2a

However, there are some suggestions that may help you:

  • Hollow or tunnel through large rocks – As you can see above, you can use any type of pickaxe to hollow out a large block of rock. Leave enough space to crawl inside and light a campfire to keep warm until the blizzard clears.
  • Caves – Alternatively, you can try a cave search. Since they are completely enclosed, they can act as shelters for crafting purposes and bedrolls / spawn points. Just try watch out for wormholes that will reappear over time. You can stay near the entrance while you wait for the blizzard to pass if the cave worm doesn’t spawn there.

Guide to the Arctic Biome Icarus Polar Bear Snowstorm 2b

Tools and equipment to bring to the Arctic biomes Icarus

Finally, let’s talk about tools and other tips that can assist you as you walk through our arctic biome. Icarus:

  • As mentioned earlier, you will want a small shelter/base in the temperate zone. This is where you will do most of your crafting.
  • Bringing equipment can help replenish your oxygen and water supply. Likewise, you can pick up ice from the snow and melt it with a campfire to get water.
  • Do most of the cooking in temperate regions. During missions that take place in an arctic biome, make sure you have at least 10 cooked food servings before you hit the road.
  • If you need to fight, make sure you have a bow and arrow. Since you’re sneaking past any polar bears you see, you’ll probably want to make stealth attacks in case a hostile mob can’t be avoided.
  • Try to notice the crevices. If you fall, you will have to find a cliff or a slope to turn around.

Icrsrv Arc Frozen 2

Icarus available through Steam.

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