How to spawn Deerclops (1.4.3 Bosses)

Don’t Starve Together’s Deerclops comes to Terraria with the release of update 1.4.3 and this guide details how to spawn this new boss.

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NS Terraria NS Don’t starve together The crossover event has officially arrived, and it sees two boss trading games. Because the Terraria players, this means they will have a chance to fight Deerclops, a Don’t starve together Bosses are only active during Winter. That said, fans must find Deerclops before they can battle it, and this guide details exactly how to do that.

How to Summon Deerclops in Terraria 1.4.3

To do it right, the players wanted to spawn this new boss in Terraria Deer Thing must first be crafted by combining three Flinx Furs, one Lens, and five Crimtane Ore or five Demonite Ore at an altar. These material requirements are easy to fulfill, allowing fans to summon Deerclops fairly early in the hard-coding period. In fact, fans can battle the Deerclops before they kill the Eater of Worlds, though the battle can be a bit tough at that point in the game.


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With the Deer Thing crafted, players simply go to snow biome in Terraria and use summoning items to summon Deerclops. When it spawns, there will be a brief period during which it is invulnerable and fans will need to dodge Deerclops’ various attacks until it can be targeted. For curious players, this boss has three unique attacks: one that creates a wave of ice on the ground, another that shoots snowballs into the air, and a final that summons tables. nightmare hand.

Terraria: Deerclops Drops

Unsurprisingly, Deerclops drops loot when defeated, and some of its unique items can only be obtained while playing in Master mode. Here is a comprehensive list of all Deerclops sale products and exclusive items TerrariaMain mode of were recorded:

  • Bone Helm (Expert +): Summons nightmare hands that attack enemies.
  • Deerclops Eyeball (Master): Summon Tiny Deerclops pets in Terraria.
  • Deerclops Ruins (Main)
  • Deerclops Trophy
  • Deerclops Mask
  • Eye bones: Summons a moving piggy bank.
  • Eyebrella: A makeup item that can summon a rain cloud above the player’s character.
  • Houndius Shootius: A sentinel summoning weapon that can summon Houndius Shootius.
  • Lucy the Ax: Phrases that end when used on trees, trashed, or unused.
  • Pew-matic Horn: Ammo takes the form of a random item.
  • Radio Thing: Activate the visual effect seen in the Constant World seed.
  • Weather pain: Summons a temporary tornado when used. Ignore 10 points of Defense.

Terraria Now out on 3DS, iOS, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Switch.

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