How to solve the Snowpoint city gym puzzle

Every Pokemon generation has that exercise puzzle that is extremely difficult to deal with. In Red & Blue, which are teleporters in Saffron City’s gym, while the puzzle is found in Ruby & SapphireMossdeep City’s gym also confused many players. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining pearls continues this rich tradition, with Snowpoint City’s ice-themed gym sure to be the toughest of the eight games to navigate.

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To find the path to the head of the gym, Candice, Brilliant diamond & Shining pearls The player will need to destroy a large number of snowballs by crashing into them at high speed. This sounds simple enough, but they will only be able to approach the snowballs from certain directions and will also need to have enough momentum to actually destroy them when they come into contact. Worse still, if the player happens to leave the gym before actually defeating Candice, all the snowballs will respawn, forcing the player to start over.


How to solve the Snowpoint city gym puzzle


When entering the practice room, players should slide left from the fourth row of tiles have them crash into a large unbreakable snowball into the left wall of the gym. Next, they should go north to the third of the three white tiles. When they land on it, they’ll want slide right, which will bring them to two connected white tiles on opposite sides of the gym. Via move to the box below the first one they land on and then slide left, they can destroy the giant snowball blocking the first step.


From where they end up, the player should go up the stairs to their left, then down and to the right for them to land white brick closest to the gym entrance. Then they will need north, slide in and beat the Ace Trainer to their right and then slide down towards the entrance of the gym. This will cause the player to land on another white tile (next to another Ace Trainer), from which they will be able to slide right to destroy three of the snowballs in the central area.


After defeating the trainer next to the white tile they finished with, the player should go right and then north prior to Climbing stairs to their right. At the top, they should again slide right and then north so that they can Walk the next stairs up to the top floor. From there, they can slide north to the back wall of the gym and then go left two white tiles. They will want slide south from the box on the left, And after that turn left from the white brick they landed to destroy three more snowballs. If then they walk one space north and slide to the right From the last position, they can take down the last two snowballs in the center area.


At this point, players should return to the entrance by swiping left and down until they reach Stairs near the unbreakable snowball in the southwest corner of the gym. After climbing on them, they will want north (via a second white tile) to another unbreakable snowball and then slide right to retrieve the snowball blocking the penultimate step.


To break the last snowball, the player should back in place next to the unbreakable snowball in the southwest corner of the gym, go one block north, then right for laying white tiles near the entrance of the gym from earlier. From this position, they will slip North side, left side, And after that down. This will take them to another unbreakable snowball, from which they can slide right and take down the last snowball in their way.


With all snowballs now broken, players can back to the entrance and go straight through the center of the gym, by using the new stairs can reach Candice. If they happen to have chose Chimchar as their starter Pokemon, defeating her will probably be easier than solving the gym’s puzzle, since three of her four Pokemon are weak to fire-type attacks. Players should be careful, because Leaving the gym at any time will completely reset the puzzle.

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