How to skip cancellation in Call of Duty Warzone

A good goal is to have in Call of Duty Warzone if you’re looking to get to the end of every match you play. However, that’s not the only factor: players will often need to combine their aim with movement techniques to catch enemies off-guard. Knowing the map and using the game’s movement mechanics to your advantage can give you the upper hand over a player who can often beat you in a one-on-one battle.

Canceling slides isn’t just one of many motion and targeting tricks in Battlefield. This is also one of the oldest methods in the book — and it’s a trick to master for players who like to move around the map and cover a lot of ground.

What is canceling slides in Battlefield?

Canceling skid refers to maintaining maximum travel speed after sliding. In general, when a player slips, they lose some of their motivation because their character will go into a crouching position. Canceling a slide allows players to maintain their speed, which means a player can continue to sprint even after performing a slide by perfecting that technique.

How to slide cancel in Battlefield with a controller

  • Press your left analog stick twice to start sprinting.
  • Press Circle or B (crouch button) to slide.
  • Once the crouching animation begins, you’ll need to press the Circle / B (crouch button) to cancel the slide.
  • After the slide is destroyed, you’ll need to press X or A (jump button) to resume writing at full speed again.

When you first start using the above method, you may have a hard time maintaining your speed as you will need to time your clicks. With practice, however, you’ll get to grips with its rhythm and start canceling slides at will.

How to slide cancel in Battlefield with a mouse and keyboard

  • Press shift twice (or your Tactical Sprint button) to activate the Tactical Sprint.
  • Press Left Control (Change Stance / Slide key) to slide.
  • Once the slide animation starts, repeat the second step to cancel it.
  • Press Space (jump button) to stop, this will allow you to continue running at full speed.

When should you use slide cancellation in Battlefield?

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Mastering the slide cancellation allows the player to abuse the Tactical Sprint mechanics. By default, players can only use the Sprint Strategy mechanic for a short period of time before their character returns to normal speed. Tactical Sprint can only be used when it’s on cooldown, and the canceling slide feature allows the player to skip this dead time.

When you perform a slide cancel when your Tactical Sprint runs out, you can skip the skill’s cooldown and use it again immediately. Using this trick can help you move around the map faster than other players without the need for vehicle assistance.

In a situation where you can’t find a vehicle to return to the safe zone, the skid cancellation feature can allow you to get back in time, while driving at normal speed can return you to the main hall. If your teammates aren’t used to canceling skids, you can use this method to lead the way and potentially find a vehicle to pick them up. The increased movement speed can be a differentiating factor in various in-game situations because Battlefield maybe a game of milliseconds.

Canceling also comes in handy when fighting enemies in complex structures. This trick proves to be useful when performing maneuvers because you can use it to wrap behind enemies when they are chasing you.

Players who aren’t familiar with this technique won’t even know what hit them when you suddenly knock them out from behind. Using this method of movement when you have an SMG while reloading gives the best results in close combat situations. How to skip cancellation in Call of Duty Warzone


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