How to save game progress

Horizon Zero Dawn is a big game and so it’s recommended to save progress manually and not always autosave.


In a time when many games automatically save player progress, titles like Horizon Zero Dawn Manually asking players to save their progress can cause some problems for those unfamiliar with it. While not as punishing as a Soulsborne title, it can still be frustrating to make some significant progress in the game. Horizon Zero Dawn only to have it lost at the hands of an untimely death.

Therefore, knowing how and where to save said progress is crucial for making any real progress and eventually completing games of this range. Fortunately, Horizon Zero Dawn and its DLC quite generous with the savings points available and as a result players have to stay up to date in managing their progress.


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How to save progress


Save the game is done through bonfires scattered everywhere the world of Horizon Zero Dawn. Campfires are represented on the map by two crossed sticks with flames on top of them. The white marker is the unexplored camping sites and the green marker is the camping sites that have been discovered and added to the list of accessible sites. When near the campsite, players will have the option of doing a quick save or a manual save. Those who are more paranoid about their actually recorded progress will likely choose the tried and true quick save, followed by the manual save method.

In addition to allowing players to save their games, campfire in Horizon Zero Dawn also serves as a quick tourist spot. Being near a campfire will allow Aloy to go to any previously unlocked campfires on the map. Merchants will also spawn near campfires in the wild or in cities and have a wide variety of supplies available for purchase. Medicinal plants and herbs also tend to proliferate in abundance near campfires in the wilderness. In addition to those healing benefits, if the player saves their game at the bonfire and loads the save, Aloy will be in a healthy state. Despite the many perks of campfires, they are not globally safe. Dangerous machines can and will spawn near campfires and can even roam near them.

Horizon Zero Dawn not a sprint like a marathon, regardless of whether the player is just focusing on the story missions or intends to delete all available content. Removing only the main story will take about 20 hours while removing all optional content and DLC takes about 60-70 hours. Either way, knowing how and where to save is crucial for big games like this.

Horizon Zero Dawn Currently available for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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