How to safely relocate under the Omicron threat?

As the latest wave of the Covid-19 hits the entire globe, cases of the omicron are increasing with each passing day. Everyday life has been changed to a greater extent. And when it comes to relocating during this difficult time, it becomes very crucial to take proper precautions. Luckily there are moving companies like two men and a truck which are still operating their relocation business and offering their services with some modifications to their clients. So, to have a safe move, you should also hire them. If you are looking for some inspiring tips to do it then check out this guide:

Hire movers 

Considering today’s demands, credible moving companies have altered their procedures to minimize the risk to clients and employees. But it is always a great idea to know all the protocols that the company is using considering the omicron threat. You should know in detail whether all the employees wear masks, use proper techniques like social distancing, and proper sanitization of all the items. And what steps they take to screen and protect their employees to get rid of the risk of the spread of the virus. 

A virtual moving quote 

Virtual surveys are the best alternative to the traditional in-person moving estimates that allow movers to get to know the estimated stuff present at your home with the help of a scheduled video call. Get prepared for the online survey by keeping your phone fully charged. You should have a strong wi-fi signal to minimize disruptions. When showing stuff, don’t forget to turn on the lights of all the rooms and open all the closets to let them know what is inside and what they have to relocate. 

Social distancing 

Social distancing is just the biggest and essential precaution to take when moving. This is the best defense that you can take against the omicron treat. According to this “physical distancing” rule, you have to stay six feet away from other people even when movers come to your home. You should not have close contact with the movers and outside people as much as it is possible. Remember that many people who are infected with the omicron virus are asymptomatic so no matter whether a person seems healthy, you should avoid contact with them because one can also be a carrier of the virus.  

Wear the right personal equipment 

You can’t avoid being on the road when relocating but taking proper equipment is only the way to stay safe. Don’t forget to wear disposable glass so that you can make small transactions on the road without getting in touch with the virus, wear the mask, keep sanitizer handy and use it whenever possible and try to wash your hands more frequently. You should also sanitize all the high-touch surfaces before touching them. 

Use plastic over cardboard 

It is recommended you use plastic totes for packing and delivery of the items instead of cardboard boxes. There are antiseptic wipes, sprays, and sanitizers available in the market that help keep these boxes safe and free from viruses. Before the movers arrive, you should clean the outside sides and lid. Also, follow the same procedure before unpacking all the boxes. 

Start the process earlier 

You should have weeks to plan the move so that you can prepare the right and safe strategy for the relocation process. The latest wave might make some major disruptions like supplies might not be in stock or movers might be already booked. So, it is better to start planning for the process so that you can have a successful relocation ahead and you can also combat all the difficulties that arise during the path.

Where to stop and what to eat when driving?

It is recommended you don’t go so far and stay in the same car. You just enjoy the scenic overlooks of nature while stretching your legs. Also, if there is a need to add fuel into the vehicle then pick up a place that seems less crowded and busy so there is no spread of the virus. Also, you should keep your hands sanitized every time whenever you touch any outer surface and whenever you leave your car. Like when you have to pump your car, you should sanitize your hands before touching the pump or should wear disposable gloves to work there. Also, when you have to make payments, you need to sanitize your credit card before you hand over this to anyone. It is important to keep everything in attention when you are hitting on the road. 

Wrapping it all up!!!

The omicron variant continues to spread throughout the globe but life can’t be stopped so you can consider relocation. If you are facing a move at such difficult times, make sure you follow all the above tips so that you can stay safe and healthy while completing your entire moving process. 

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