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When playing as The Ottomans or as Rûm, you can recruit Janissaries in the production interface.

Note: This special unit requires the Cradle of Civilization DLC. You must also stick to your reform of the “Ottoman government”. You will lose that if you convert to a non-Muslim religion or become a revolutionary.

To recruit a Janissary regiment, simply follow these steps:

  1. open that production interface (keyboard shortcut: b)
  2. Go to land units Tab (Shortcut: 1)
  3. Switch to Recruit regiments Section (shortcut: a)
  4. Choose Infantry of the Janissaries Unit
  5. Choose which one pagan province will mobilize the unit

Recruitment is instantaneous and requires neither manpower nor money. It only costs 10 military mana.

Steps to recruit Janissaries / Europa Universalis IV
Steps to recruit Janissaries

Janissary Frontier & Pagans

The number of Janissaries you can recruit is based on the development of all your pagan provinces in relation to your national total.

Having pagans usually decreases your religious unity. The Guaranteed Dhimmi Autonomy probate privilege removes this penalty.

Avoid having too many Janissaries

Trigger conditions for the Janissary putsch disaster / EU4
Trigger conditions for the “Janissary coup” disaster

If Janissaries make up more than 20% of your total army, you run the risk of triggering the “Janissary Coup” disaster.

It can appear from the age of the Reformation.

Should the disaster progress bar appear, you can easily prevent it using one of the following methods:

  • Disband your Janissaries until you have less than 5% of them in your army
  • Reach +3 stability How to recruit Janissaries in Europa Universalis IV – FandomSpot


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