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Despite the praises of Halo InfiniteRegarding the gameplay, many people have complained about the game’s progression system. Halo InfiniteThe multiplayer features a structured seasonal battle pass, allowing players to level up and earn new cosmetics for their player and Spartan profiles. This system has received a lot of criticism since the Multiplayer Beta began, as battle pass XP can only be earned for completing challenges without measuring performance. In turn, 343 Industries has made some small changes to increase the speed at which players can advance, although there are more steps players should take to truly optimize their progress.


As a free game, all players have access to Halo InfiniteTheir battle passed, the first of which was Hero Reaching; but like other games, players will miss out on items and perks if they don’t fully purchase battle cards. While this guide will assist players with and without passing the battle, the faster leveling up will be more beneficial to those who have it. Players who do not have a battle pass can only take on three challenges at a time, but those with a battle pass can work against four. With that in mind, let’s rank as fast as you can in Halo Infinite involves mining the game’s challenges through the Challenge Swap and XP Boosts tokens.

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Halo Infinite player power increased

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Halo InfiniteThe Weekly Challenges are where players should expect to max out their XP, as they provide a huge amount of experience for completing relatively simple (if sometimes tedious) rewards. 343 Industries present a recurring challenge to help speed up player progress, rewarding players with 50 XP for each game played, but just doing that to advance would be very time consuming.

Navigate to the Challenges screen which will show all the Daily and Weekly Challenges available, ranging from completing and winning certain matches, to taking on different goals and killing enemies with specific weapon.

Once the Weekly Challenges are completed, more difficult challenges will be delivered (players can also preview to see what’s to come).

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Take a step back, this is where both are Halo InfiniteSwap Challenges and Increase XP join. These items can be purchased through battle or through the Item Shop for 200 Credits, each player will have two items.

As the name suggests, players can use Challenge Swap to replace any Weekly Challenge with a random replacement, while XP Boost will grant double XP for an hour. You can redeem them from the Boost menu accessible from the Section Overview screen or from the Boost tab after selecting multiplayer.

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Now, the tricky part is knowing when to use these items, as there’s no such thing as blanket answers. In general, players should use XP Boosts when the challenges they are pursuing are more open-ended and easier to do, such as killing enemies with certain weapons or involving game modes. can choose like current set of Fiesta Mode challenges.

Until specific modes such as Slayer and Capture the Flag can be selected independently, it may be wise to use Swap for the challenges associated with them as they are, at the discretion of the player. Use Quick Play and Big Team Battle playlists to place them properly. It should be noted that some challenges can be completed in Bot Training unless they specify “in PvP” in their description.

First, get rid of any unwanted trials, activate XP Boost in timeand focus on challenges in PvP or Bot Training, players will find their leveling up will be much faster. Using the image above, you can level up twice by completing the Determined Spirit, Competitor, and Brutal Stalker challenges within an hour of XP Boost.

1600 XP from these challenges, plus 200 XP from the Practice Makes Perfection challenge doubled in two games, bringing the total score to 1800 XP, resulting in two level ups. When used appropriately, Halo InfiniteIncrease of can really speed up the leveling process.

Halo InfiniteThe Multiplayer Beta is available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, with the full game coming December 8.

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