How to Play Blackjack Using Rabona Android App

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games that you can find in both online casinos and mobile casinos. For instance, you can easily play blackjack and many other games at the Rabona Android app:

However, many players are unaware that there are some aspects that deserve special attention when it comes to this game.

Among these things are the values of the Blackjack cards. For this reason, we have decided to summarize the rules and offer you some quick but convenient examples to fully understand the various situations that may arise during the game.

The Values of the Blackjack Cards

If you are new to this game, these are the value of cards you should know:

●       Ace: 1/11;

●       From 2 to 10: their face value changes depending on the card, that is, two is worth 2, three is worth 3, and so on;

●       J, Q, K: 10.

Obviously, the goal is to reach a score of 21 or at least have a higher card than that of the dealer, and you should avoid the bust at all costs.

The value of an ace is particularly important. As you know by now, it can be either 1 or 11. It will take the relative score based on the best situation, and it can acquire the value useful to not get you high.

That’s why you have to understand the mechanism and the advantage you can get from this double value when playing using the Rabona Android app. Let’s take a look at some examples to make everything crystal clear.

Let’s say the dealer gives you an Ace and a 4. At this point, your score, given the value of the Blackjack cards, can be 5 (1 + 4) or 15 (11 + 4).

Either way, you don’t have a very high score, which means that you have to ask for another card, knowing that you won’t go bust.

Suppose that you came up with a 10. In this case, your score would be 15 Hard because the Ace takes the value of 1. Otherwise, assuming the value of 11, you would have a score of 25, and therefore you would have gone bust.

The Rules to Keep in Mind

After knowing the value of the cards it is time to delve into the Blackjack rules. The rules you will encounter at Rabona Android app aren’t any different from the desktop version. Here is a list, of the fundamental ones with a brief description:

●       Blackjack: If the player, or the dealer, receives a face card or a ten and an ace, it’s called a Blackjack. This point, to be such, must necessarily be achieved with the first two cards.

●       Double blackjack: if both the player and the dealer have blackjack, the hand ends in a draw and the player will get his money back.

●       A maximum number of cards: the player can rejoin up to a maximum of 9 cards in addition to the two face up dealt at the beginning of the hand.

●       Dealer cards: the dealer is obliged to always ask for cards until he reaches at least 17 points. This point of the rules constitutes one of the foundations on which the game is based.

How to Count Cards in Blackjack

One of the most frequently asked questions about this game on the web is: how are cards counted in Blackjack?

First of all let’s start by saying that unlike, for example, Roulette or dice, where the previous round has no impact on future decisions, every hand played in Blackjack impoverishes the deck of cards already released.

Card counting, therefore, considers all the cards that come out on the game table and thus allows you to determine which ones are still left to play and consequently whether they will be in favor of the player or the dealer.

There are various techniques for counting cards in Blackjack. These include:

●       Hi-Lo;

●       Uston SS system;

●       Knock Out;

●       Red 7;

●       Side Counting.

Below we will briefly tell you about the Hi-Lo method that you can use while playing at Rabona Android app. It is a parent method of card counting in Blackjack from which all others are derived.

The inventor of this strategy was Harvey Dubner, in 1963. Later Julian Braun and Stanford Wong refined it.

In this type of counting, a negative, positive, or zero value is assigned depending on the value of the card and when the card of a certain face value is automatically distributed it will be associated with the score, divided into three groups:

●       Cards from 2 to 6: +1 to the count;

●       Cards from 7 to 9: they are worth 0, meaning they don’t have a value;

●       Ace or card worth 10: -1 to the count.

Based on this, you can see that each blackjack deck has:

●       20 high cards (count -1);

●       12 void cards (count +0);

●       20 low cards (count +1).

Using this blackjack card counting system the player can play each hand knowing what his advantage over the house is.

Huynh Nguyen

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