How to make Original Armor

Valheim players who want to learn more about the game’s new Original Armor and how to get it can check out this guide for help.

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Valheim, the “survival” game, has continued to roll out updates and content additions since its release earlier this year. In the game’s latest update, the development team revealed a potential new creature in the Swamp Biome as well as a new set of armor. With that update now live, Valheim players explored the Abomination and learned some details about the new armor.

But it can be a bit difficult to figure out exactly how to access ValheimOriginal armor of. For players looking to find materials and craft this new armor, this guide is here to help.

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How to craft original armor

Those who want to make three pieces of the Original Armor will need to aim Swamp biome in Valheim. New mini-bosses, called Abominations, are key to Root Armor because they drop the new in-game ingredient: Roots. Exploring this area will bring players into contact with these unique creatures for a short time.

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This biome is full Interesting creatures and places in Valheimand, with the addition of this mini-boss, it only gets harder and harder. They look like spiders but have four wooden legs that they use to run across the Swamp. They are surprisingly fast and have a similar difficulty level as the Trolls in the Black Forest Biome. The player will likely need to defeat at least a few of these to collect the required number of Roots.

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Gathering Root will announce to players three new recipes: Root Mask, Root Harnesk, and Root Leggings. Each of these can be crafted at Workbench level 2.

  • Original Mask: 10 Roots, 10 Neck Shells and 4 Skin Scraps

  • Root Harnesk: 10 Roots, 10 Ancient Bark, and 2 Deer Hide

  • Root Leggings: 10 Roots, 10 Ancient Bark, and 2 Deer Hide

What are the advantages of Root Armor?

Root Armor is extremely useful for players who want to spend a lot of time in Swamp Biome. Its main advantage over other armor sets in Valheim is its ability to resist poisons. Prior to this update, players were forced to rely on antivenom in the Swamp. Root Armor also comes with a full set of effects that help players power up their bows. In addition, Root Harnesk also adds resistance to penetrating weapons for those who wear it.

armor leggings root and harnesk

Unfortunately, the Base Armor’s stats are on par with basic bronze armor, and its fire weakness makes clashing with any Surtlings much more difficult. For those new to the Swamp Biome, Iron Armor offers a better option but doesn’t come with poison resistance. This makes the Original Armor more useful to explore challenge some Valheimstronger enemy of.

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Valheim Now available on PC.

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