How to make night vision potion

There is an impressive amount of potion in the game Minecraft that the player can concoct. These potions can help the player throughout the gameplay by making situations like exploration and combat easier. Unfortunately, as well as other features in Minecraft, it can be a bit difficult to find the exact recipe for the potion the player wants.

Remembering all drugs in Minecraft and exactly what materials each person needs is a noble task, even for those who have been playing the game for years. For players looking for all the information they need MinecraftPotion of Night Vision, this guide is here to help.


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How to make a night vision potion

Potion of Night Vision requires the player to collect a few ingredients first. The most important of these components is the brewing counter. This item is the only way the player can mix medicine in Minecraft and the player has the option of collecting them or crafting these items. For those who want to collect brewing stalls, they naturally create in End Ships, in the basements of igloos and in village churches.

stand brewer in minecraft

For those who want to craft them, they need a single flamethrower and can use 3 cobblestone blocks or other variations of it interchangeably (Java version) or just a cobblestone variant (Bedrock version). Either way, once the player is there, they must locate a Nether Fort in Minecraftthe dimension of the nether and kill Blazes to get the fire bar. These can then be turned into blaze powder and placed in the incubation rack. The next step is to make glass by melting sand and bottling the glass manually. Fill these bottles with water and fill the bottom three points with water.

minecraft beer stand menu

The next step is to convert these water bottles into awkward potions. This requires another trip to the nether fortress to find the nether wart, which can be placed on top of the brewing counter to create the required hard-to-handle potions. With at least one awkward potion at the bottom, the player only needs to add one golden carrot to create the Night Vision potion. Yellow carrots, one of the better food items in Minecraft, which can be made through a combination of 8 golden nuggets and a regular carrot.

crafting minecraft night vision potion

Like other potions, Potion of Night Sight can be lengthened by combining it with a piece of Redstone at the brew counter and creating a sensational version by combining it with a sliver of gunpowder. .

When to use Night Vision Pills?

Although it is a bit expensive, the Potion of Night Vision is surprisingly useful. As its name suggests, its main use is Minecraftlong night cycle. Any player who wants to continue his work on the ground but at night should look to this potion for support.

underwater night vision in minecraft

But in addition to making it easier to see at night, this potion has two other important purposes: caving and exploring the ocean. Instead of relying on torches or glowing stones to light the way, players can use Potion of Night Sight to make their vision much clearer underground. The same is true when searching underwater. Once consumed, players will be able to look directly at the ocean floor, making it much easier to find shipwrecks, underwater temples, and ocean ruins.

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