How to make invisibility potion

In Minecraft, players can collect resources to do several different types of poisons. These potions can then be stored in the player’s inventory and drunk as needed, conveying powerful and potentially lifesaving bonuses, spells, or abilities. Potions can do everything from healing players to making them fire-resistant or allowing them to breathe underwater. One of the most powerful potions is the Potion of Invisibility.

Invisibility Potion in Minecraft can make the player pattern disappear but not without weaknesses. Mobs will still detect and attack the player model at very close range, and this range will increase if the player wears armor. Potions can only affect the player’s model, so the weapons and items the player is holding will not be hidden.


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Like all other drugs in Minecraft, Potion of Invisibility is made in the Brewing Stand. A Brew Stand can be made using three Cobblestones and a Blow Bar on the Crafting Table. Cobblestone is a popular resource that players will have an abundant supply of, but Blaze Rods will only drop from Blazes in the Nether. Once all resources have been collected, a Brewing Stand can be created at the Crafting Table by placing three cobblestones along the bottom row and a Blaze Rod in the center. A Brewing Stand can also be found in Igloos and the Village Church.

Updated November 19, 2021 by Russ Boswell: Potions are a great way to increase a player’s chances of survival in Minecraft but some potions are much more useful than others. NS Potion of Invisibility can help players navigate hostile areas and free them from the prying eyes of dangerous mobs. To help players answer questions like “how to make invisibility potion in Minecraft“and provide more general information about Potion of Invisibility and what it does, the following list has been updated.

First things first


To create the Potion of Invisibility, the player will first need another potion, the Potion of Nightvision. To create a Potion of Nightvision, the player will need a Nether Wart, a Golden Carrot and a Bottle of Water. Nether Wart can only be found at Nether Fortress or Bastion Ruins. Glass Bottles can be crafted by placing two Glass blocks to the left and right of the top row of the Crafting Table grid and one block in the center. This will result in three Glass Bottles. Glass bottles can be filled with water using them on any water source.

Golden Carrots can be found in Bastion Remains or Ruined Portals or maybe done by placing a carrot in the center of the Crafting Table and surround it with Gold Nuggets on all sides. Eight Gold Nuggets are required for each Golden Carrot. All of these ingredients can be combined in the Brewing Stand to create the Potion of Nightvision.

Place some Blaze Power in the leftmost square to activate the Brewing Stand. The player can create Blaze Power by placing the Blaze Rod in the Crafting Table. Place the Bottle of Water in one of the bottom boxes and the Nether Wart in the top box of the Brewing Stand. After a short amount of time, this will create the Awkward Potion, which has no effect. Finally, place the Golden Carrot in the top box to create a Potion of Nightvision.

Crafting Stealth Potion


To create a Potion of Invisibility, the player can combine Fermented Spider Eyes with a Potion of Nightvision in the Brewing Stand. To create Fermented Spider Eyes, the player needs Spider Eyes, which will drop from Spiders, Mushrooms, and Sugar. The player should place Mushrooms in the first slot of the first row of the Crafting Table and Sugar in the second slot. Spider Eye should be placed in the center box, just below Sugar.

Place Potion of Nightvision in any of the bottom three boxes in the Brewing Stand and ferment Spider Eye in the top box. After a short amount of time, it will create a Potion of Invisibility. Potion of Invisibility will run for three minutes, and an improved version can be made for eight minutes. To do this, the player needs to place the Potion of Invisibility in the bottom row of the Brewing Stand and some Redstone dust in the box at the top. Redstone Dust can be obtained by mining Redstone Ore and placing it on the Crafting Table.

Potion of Invisibility can also be obtained from wandering merchants, but they will only drop it if they die while drinking it. The chances of this are pretty slim, so players are better off making their own supplies.

More about Potion Of Invisibility in Minecraft

While stealth makes the player less visible to mobs and other players, it’s still important to note that the effect won’t work on certain items. Here are some things that still show up even when the player uses the Stealth Potion:

  • Any items are kept.

  • Any armor, including horse armor.

  • Any arrows currently stuck in the player’s character model (this only applies to the Java Version).

  • The head of a shudder.

  • Saddle on a domesticated animal.

  • A lama’s tapestries.

  • Any mobs or players that are on fire or emitting any kind of particle effect.

  • Some eyes from mobs such as Endermen, Creepers, Spiders and Phantoms will still be visible even if the mobs are not.

Here is some general information about Stealth Potion and Stealth Effects:

  • The traditional Potion of Invisibility has a duration of 5 minutes, while the extended version has a duration of 10 minutes.

  • Although the player will become invisible, they can still be detected by mobs.

  • The detection rate increases depending on the player’s armor, less armor means less detectable player.

  • Spectators can still see invisible mobs and players, which show up as “blurred” in this mode.

  • Stealth buffs can stack with other anti-detection methods, such as sneak attacks or monster heads.

  • Cats will always behave as if they can still see the player, even if they are invisible.

  • A mob that spots the player will move towards them and attack as if they can still see them.

  • Stealth players will not receive Dolphin’s grace when swimming near dolphins.

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The source: Minecraft Gamepedia, Digiminecraft

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