How to make fuel and grenades

You start yours Icarus run with small weapons that only tickle the enemy. In the end, you will have modern weapons that can deal massive damage. This is ours Icarus a tutorial that helps you to make grenades with a Fuel and Endurance Meter using a Biofuel Mixer.

Note: For more information, see Icarus guide and central feature. Likewise, you can check out our modern weapon crafting tutorials for steel / gunpowder and firearms (pistols, shotguns and rifles).

How to make Fuel and Grenades in Icarus

Before you can craft grenades in Icarus, you will need to buy fuel first. Currently, I know of only one source – Biofuel Enhancer. Here’s what we need (remember to unlock the respective tech tree blueprints):

Biofuel Booster (Stage 3 / Machining Chair)

  • 20x Iron Ingot and 8x Copper Ingot – Iron ore and copper ore can be mined in caves. Just pay attention wormhole. Once you have the ores, you need the Smelter (Level 2) to melt them into ingots.
    • Stone Furnace (Level 2 / Crafting Chair) – 4x sticks, 8x wood, 80x stone and 12x leather.
  • 12x Concrete Mix – Made with a Concrete Mixer (Level 3); requires 1x resin, 8x ice and 4x silica.
    • Concrete Mixer (Stage 3 / Machining Chair) – 50x wood, 40x stone, 20x iron ingot, 8x wire and 8x iron nail.
    • Tree Sap – Created using Mortar and Pestle (Level 2); requires 4x sticks.
    • Silica – You will find silica deposits in various open areas, not inside caves.
  • 20x Steel Screws – Made with a Tape Machine; requires 1x billet to make 100x steel screw.

Biofuel Can (Stage 3 / Machining Chair)

Each Biofuel Can requires 25x iron ingots. You need at least one as a fuel tank.

Icarus Craft Grenades Fuel Guide Frag Grenade Smoke Grenade Composter Biofuel 1a

Crafting fuel with a biofuel mixer

Place the Biofuel Tank on the ground (no need to be in the shelter) and add the Biofuel Tank to one of the equipment inventory slots. Next, you’ll want to add 1x sap and any of the following materials:

  • 1x wood (most cost effective option)
  • 2 times raw meat
  • Sticks 5x
  • Yarn 5x
  • 5x cooked meat

Note: Each fuel that you craft with Biofuel Composter increases the amount of Biofuel Can (expressed in one pip).

Icarus Craft Grenades Fuel Guide Frag Grenade Smoke Grenade Composter 1b

Crafting Frag Grenades and Smoke Grenades with Machining Chair

Now that you have fuel, it’s time to craft grenades in Icarus. You can unlock the Frag Grenade and Smoke Grenade blueprints in the Tier 3 tab. Both are created using the Machining Chair. Here are the documents:

  • Frag Grenade – Fuel, 1x Iron Ingot and 10x Gunpowder.
  • Smoke Grenade – Fuel, 1x Iron Ingot and 10x Stone.

Be sure to place all materials, including the Biofuel Canister, in the equipment inventory slots. This will allow you to click a manual button to create these explosives.

Icarus Craft Grenades Fuel Guide Frag Grenade Smoke Grenade Composter 2

Icarus available through Steam. For more information, see guide and central feature. How to make fuel and grenades


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