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Corn dogs are made by cooking cornmeal and pork in the kitchen. Once cooked, it can then be fed to some of the spirits currently aboard Stella’s ship.

Here’s a quick breakdown of everything you need to make this dish:

requirement function
cornmeal ingredient
pork meat ingredient
Raccoon Inc. in Furogawa, Oxbury and North Hamlet Where to buy pork
windmill Needed to make Cornmeal
Improved kitchen Needed for cooking corndog

procurement of the ingredients

Unlike other recipes in the game that are introduced to you, corndogs require you to discover them yourself. And that only happens when you finally cook it.

To start you will need these ingredients:

Assuming you already have the buildings you need, these two ingredients should be easy to come by.

If not, here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: Get Pork

You can buy pork at the Raccoon Store in Furogawa and other locations / Spiritfarer
You can buy pork at the Raccoon Shop in Furogawa and other places.

Let’s start with the pork. Assuming you already have Atul on your boat, you should by now have been introduced to pork, as it’s needed in the preparation of his favorite dish: pork chops.

If you need a primer, the easiest way to purchase pork is from one of the many Raccoon Inc. stores scattered across the map.

Pork is available from these locations for 150 Glim:

  • Furogawa (X: -150, Y: 67)
  • Oxbury (X: 233, Y: 18)
  • North Hamlet (X: -3, Y: 185)

If you are in a hurry, this is the easiest place to get to Furogawa. Just go to the island and walk until you find the Raccoon shop.

Step 2: Get Cornmeal

The Craftsman blueprint upgrade in Albert's Shipyard/Spiritfarer
The Craftsman blueprint upgrade in Albert’s Shipyard.

The next (and final) ingredient is Cornmeal, which cannot be bought anywhere and is only available after constructing a specific building.

This building is the windmill unlocked by the Craftsman Blueprint Station.

To get this upgrade, go to Albert’s Shipyard at X: 61, Y: 64.

Then find the Craftsman upgrade in the upgrade menu, right next to the Crafter upgrade in the blueprint station.

Here are the requirements you need to unlock:

  • 10 oak boards
  • 10 linen threads
  • 1,000 Glims

You can get oak planks by cutting down oak logs in the sawmill, while logs can be obtained by cutting down trees in Gurenu Fields (X: -65, Y: 55) or Iwashima Countryside (X: -64, Y: 16) can be found.

Check out our guide to using the Lumber Mill for a full breakdown on how to use this building and max out its mini-game to craft various planks.

In the Loom / Spiritfarer you can weave different threads and fabrics
In the loom you can weave different threads and fabrics.

Linen threads are made by weaving linen fibers on a loom.

Meanwhile, flax fibers are grown from flax seeds planted in the garden, purchased from Raccoon Inc. stores, or found in floating boxes. In this case, if you are new to this aspect of the game, you can check out our guide on how to use the loom for a more detailed description.

Once you have the materials, purchase Albert’s blueprint upgrade to unlock three buildings: the Orchard, the Sheepfold, and the Windmill.

The following materials are required to build the windmill:

  • 16 oak boards
  • 8 marbles
  • 5 aluminum ingots

Marbles are found by mining the nodes in the Limestone Mines (X: -99, Y: 117) and Southpoint Docks (X: 157, Y: 22). Of these two locations, the former contains more nodes for mining.

On the other hand, Aluminum Ingots are made by smelting Aluminum Ore in a Foundry. However, aluminum ingots can only be mined by an aluminum dragon.

To do this, you must first pick up the Spirit Summer in Hummingberg (X: 39, Y: 139). She will then tell Stella that her dreams are haunted by dragons that you must defeat.

She will then introduce you to the Quartz Dragon and finally to the Aluminum Dragon.

Start the minigame by jumping on the dragon head and hitting the knot/spiritfarer
Start the minigame by jumping on the dragon head and hitting the knot.

The Aluminum Dragon is located at (X: -132, Y: 134) on the winter side of the Hummingberg region and requires the Icebreaker Boat Upgrade from Albert’s Shipyard.

As a primer, the Icebreaker upgrade requires the following:

  • 10 iron ingots
  • 12 oak boards
  • 18 linen fabrics
  • 5 slates
  • 1 ghost flower
  • 800 Glims

Once you have the upgrade, you can proceed to fight the Aluminum Dragon. If you’ve already completed the Quartz upgrade, the minigame for this one is the same.

After telling Summer to start the activity, the dragon comes out and Stella has to hop from place to place to mine the aluminum from his back.

Take this mini-game slowly, as the dragon will give you plenty of time to mine each knot from its back before moving to change positions. Just make sure you time your hits right to mine as much aluminum as possible.

Do some platforms and hop on the dragon's back to reach the Aluminum Nodes/Spiritfarer
Do some platforms and hop on the dragon’s back to reach the aluminum nodes.

If you don’t want to do this mini-game over and over again, you can “plant” a piece of aluminum on one of the turtle sisters. Just make sure to “plant” it again after mining the node to make sure you don’t run out.

Then take the aluminum ore and smelt it in the foundry where it will be processed into aluminum ingots.

You can plant Aluminum in the Turtle Sisters to avoid fighting the Dragon/Spiritfarer again and again
You can plant aluminum in the turtle sisters to avoid fighting the dragon again and again.

Note: You can check out the Foundry (minigame) section of our guide on how to get glass in Spiritfarer for a more detailed breakdown of what it is.

Once you have the materials, you can proceed to build the windmill.

Next, it’s time to get corn.

These are grown from Corn Seeds, which can be purchased from the Raccoon Stores in Hummingberg (X:39, Y:139) and Bottom Line Corp (X:137, Y:59). They cost 60 Glims each.

If you’re lucky, you can also get corn seeds from the floating boxes in the Hummingberg region.

Then plant the corn seeds in your field (assuming you already have one built by that point) and water them until they are ready to be harvested. You can also play the guitar to make the seeds grow faster.

But just in case you don’t already have a field, all it takes is:

  • 15 Maple logs
  • 3 limestones

After harvesting the corn, take it to the windmill.

This is arguably one of the trickier minigames. Start by placing corn in the middle tier tray. Then go up and interact with the pillar that appears as a square.

Align the pillar so that the wheel spins and ground the items in the compartment/spiritfarer
Orient the column so the wheel rotates and ground the items in the compartment.

Move this square up or down until you see the little wheel spin.

As long as this wheel is turning, the windmill will grind your corn. And all you have to do is adjust it accordingly to make sure it doesn’t stop.

After some time you will be automatically taken out of the column and you can get your cornmeal in the compartment.

How to cook your corn dogs

Combine cornmeal and pork to make corndogs/spiritfarer
Combine cornmeal and pork to make corn dogs.

Finally, it’s time to cook corn dogs.

For this section you will need the Improved Kitchen, which should be easy to get as long as you follow Atul’s requests.

If you haven’t upgraded it yet, our kitchen upgrade guide should have everything you need.

Then just cook the cornmeal along with the pork in the kitchen oven and you should have corn dogs in no time. Just be careful not to leave it in for too long or it will burn! How to make corn dogs in Spiritfarer – FandomSpot


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