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Base building is an essential feature of almost every good survival game. A good base allows the player to find shelter from the elements, but more importantly, it puts a solid wall between the player and anyone – or anything – who wants to kill them.

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Survival games don’t get much harder than rust, Therefore, any player who is serious about survival should make building a good base their top priority. There are several materials to choose from, but most are either too weak or too expensive to be practical, especially when starting off. Because of this, stone is by far the most popular material for building good walls and keeping the enemy out. Here’s everything you need to know about building stone walls Rust.


establishment of a foundation

Just as players need good armor to avoid being killed, bases need good walls to avoid being robbed during a raid. Unfortunately, building a stone wall isn’t as easy as hitting a pile of stones on an empty space. At the beginning, the player has to collect wood and stones with which to build. Next you need a blueprint, What does it cost 20 wood and is necessary for the construction of the foundations of the base, and a Hammer, What does it cost 100 wood and is required for upgrading the base.

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Equip them blueprint and open the building wheel and then start laying a foundation. rust is an immersive crafting game and there are a variety of building options in this menu, but only the foundation is absolutely necessary before wall placement can begin. Once a foundation is in place, the player can begin building walls for their base.

How to build a stone wall

A stone wall is not a separate entity, but an upgraded form of a branch wall. Because of this, players who want Stone Walls must first build Branch Walls (50 wood) and then convert them. With the hammer In the hand, the player can highlight a wall and open the radial menu that shows the various upgrade options available to them. This build system facilitates a quick start after deleting.

By choosing upgrade to stone, The player can improve the selected wall. Each stone wall requires 300 stone to build. Of course, having stone walls isn’t very good when the walls underneath are easily destructible branches, so the player will want to upgrade the rest of their base accordingly. If you don’t, just ask to be mugged.

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Walls have two sides: hard and soft. The soft side is much easier to destroy, and for this reason Building walls soft side in is imperative to prevent enemies from easily raiding the base. Walls can rotate for a short time after being placed, allowing the player to fix their mistake if they accidentally erected a wall with the soft side out, but the easiest way to avoid this problem is to go inside the base and of the face to face outwards when building, since the soft side then defaults to facing inwards. Since stone walls were built, attackers will need some firepower to get inside.

How many satchels for stone walls

Just because the player built solid walls doesn’t mean nobody will try to break them down. One of the most common mid-wipe methods to try to raid stone bases is satchel fees. It takes 10 knapsacks to destroy a stone wall. This is a serious improvement over wooden walls, but it doesn’t make a base indestructible by any means. Serious attackers, especially clans, can appropriate satchel or necessary crafting materials for stone base raids without too much effort, so the player should always look for ways to further strengthen their base against attacks.

rust is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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