How to make a spinning wheel

Valheim players looking to unlock the crucial Spin Wheel crafting in the game can count on this guide for help.

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In Valheim, the player must progress through its biome and gather new resources to unlock better armor, weapons, and other crafting options. Along the way, players must create various crafting stations to gain access to these new items in Valheim.

Similar to other advancements, the Spinning Wheel is locked after an intense boss battle and requires some late game materials to craft. For the people Valheim Players who are looking to create a Spin Wheel in the game and have access to its many benefits, this guide can be helpful.


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How to make a spinning wheel

The spinning wheel doesn’t take effect until late in a level in Valheim. This is because, to be crafted, players need to build an Artisan Board first. These crafting stations require two Dragon Tears from Valheim Moder’s boss is completed and this is the fourth main warrior in the game.

The wheel spins out of reach of any player who has yet to defeat Eikthyr, The Elder, Bonemass, or Moder. With Moder’s death, the player gains access to Dragon Tears and can craft the Craftsman’s Table and opens up the option of crafting the Spinning Wheel.

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The Spinning Wheel itself requires twenty Fine Wood, ten Iron Nails, and five Skin Scraps to be crafted and right placed in the vicinity of the Artisan Table. Good Wood can be obtained by chopping down a Birch or Oak tree while an Iron Nail can be crafted at the Forge with a single Iron Ingot. Iron can be smelted from Scrap Iron can be mined from Muddy’s Scrap piles in Sunken Crypts in ValheimSwamp biome of. Leather Scrap is the easiest material to collect on the list and is released by Wild Boars in the Meadow Biome.

Using the spinning wheel in Valheim

The spinning wheel is an important structure for those who want to strengthen their armor after the battle with Moder. The Spinning Wheel’s sole use is to convert Flax into Linen Thread, a key ingredient for late-game armor and weapons. Players can get Flax in Challenging delta biomes in Valheim grows near Fuling Village. It can also be replanted at the player’s base using the Cultivator but will only grow if planted in the same biome.

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Once assembled, players simply approach the Spinning Wheel with their flax and place up to 40 plants in it at once. The flax obtained can be used to create Blackmetal weapons as well as Apparate armor, one of the better armor in Valheim.

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