How to make a living like a vampire

Vampirism gives players the ability to perform incredible feats of magic, as well as feed off Skyrim’s NPCs.

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Feed the NPCs in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim helps players delay their infection of vampires. There are a few reasons why players might want to do that, but the important thing to know is how to actually make a living as a vampire. Feeding can be complicated, although there are ways to do it. However, players should be careful; raised like a vampire in Skyrim is illegal in most territories on the map.

Vampires are powerful creatures. Indeed, they are a number The most dangerous enemy in Skyrim. For that reason, many players are attracted to them when participating in the Dawnguard quest line. Becoming a vampire comes with many new abilities, including perks and powers to forage. However, vampirism can weaken the player in certain situations, and feeding can be an important part of halting this process.


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How to make a living like a vampire

Skyrim Vampire Guide The Benefits of Dawnguard Vampire Healing

There are three different ways to earn food as a vampire in Skyrim. The simplest way is to pickpocket sleeping NPCs. The game will give players feeding reminders and the characters will be none the wiser. Another way to make a living is to attack people as a Vampire Lord. Once the enemy is close to death, a power attack will lead to cannibalism. Finally, the Vampire’s charm will trigger a dialogue option that allows the player to eat unplayable characters. However, as noted, the feeding is disturbed. Not like other mission and goals in Skyrim, feeding like a vampire is an action that requires the player to actively consider the consequences of his decisions.

Vampireism can be cured in Skyrim, which is why some players may want to reverse their infection. The illness takes place after three in-game days, and then progresses through four separate stages. Feeding will delay the progression of the infection, sending the player back to stage one of the disease. For those who play a invisibility built in Skyrim, the feeding is not much of a problem. However, others may find it difficult. And, while feeding helps, curing the vampirism is an entirely different story. However, feeding can be very useful depending on the desired play style of the player.

Skyrimbe modified Anniversary edition Content introduces new challenges that can be solved more easily using the power of vampires. However, regardless of whether a player chooses to be a vampire, werewolf, mage or assassin, there will continue to be a great player base for Skyrim. And what more could fans ask for besides continuing to support a beloved title?

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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