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Enchantment is said to be the most corrupt Skill of all Skyrim. When properly cared for and raised to Level 100, Enchanting has the ability to completely negate incoming damage, completely remove Magicka Costs, drastically increase other Skills, and otherwise break. Skyrim across all gameplay.

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It’s a skill that every player will find extremely useful, but it Not a very strong start at all. To get these late game breaking Enchantments, the player must reach the max level of skill. Getting to Level 100 in Enchantment is tedious, but well worth the effort and maxing to get there.


Stack XP will increase as much as possible

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There are several sources of XP increase in Skyrim, the main ones are from Standing Stone. Attractive benefits from Stone Mage, 20% increase in XP gained in Magicka related Skills, as well as Lover’s Stone, 15% XP gain for all skills.

Players can also use Aetherial Crown to stack these two Standing Stone rewards become one, increasing the effectiveness of Magicka related Skills by 35%. Ahzidal’s Armor, can be found in Solstheim, increases Enchantment by 10% when Full set equipped (although the player must invest huge Gold to fully open the Kolbjorn Barrow).

Dislike everything you won’t equip
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The fastest and most useful way to level up Enchantment fast is to make everything you don’t use – It means everything. Disenchanting not only gives Enchanting huge XP, it also allows the player to imbue that Enchantment into a new device.

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While it can be nice to keep memorable weapons or unique items for display, you may find yourself wanting their effects on other pieces of equipment. If a weapon cannot be Disenchanted, it means that the player already knows its effect or simply cannot be Disenchanted. This tends to create multiple levels of Enchantment at once on low levels.

Visit an enchanted trainer once per level

Each level the player can visit the coach and pay to train skills five times. You should continuously train Enchanting while leveling up to get the most out of this system, as you don’t carry around unused training slots after leveling up. This means that any player level can raise their Enchantment skill to 5, as long as they have the gold.

There are only a few Enchanting trainers in Skyrim, but the easiest one to find is Sergius Turrianus at the College of Winterhold. However, he can only train players up to Enchanting 75, at which point Neloth in Solstheim or Hamal in Markarth’s Temple of Dibella can both train up to Level 90.

Soul Trap Everything (And Hoard Soul Gems)

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An Enchanter’s best friend is the Soul Gem as it can be used both in the act of Enchanting itself or to refill used Enchantments on depleted weapons. Everything from Petty Soul Gems to Black Soul Gems can be used to bring traits to gear. Refill Weapon Enchantment do not contribute to Enchanting skill, unfortunately.

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They have almost no weight and should be looted from time to time. Soul Trap spells are pretty cheap, but placing a Soul Trap on your weapon of choice is much more effective at refilling Soul Gems frequently. The best thing is, if you don’t use them all at the Arcane Enchanter, filled Soul gems can sell for much more than their empty ones.

Enchant every basic item you can loot or buy
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The Enchantment Action requires three things: the Soul Gem, the selected enchantment, and a piece of equipment to apply the enchantment. It’s all too easy to transfer non-magical basic gear during a prison break, but if you want to level up Enchanting as quickly as possible, plan on making room for some of these vanilla weapons and armor.

The lighter the item, the better, as the XP gained for enchanting an item is more dependent on the power of the Enhancement, not the power of the item. As a result, Daggers, Short Swords, Helmets, Boots, and Armor tend to be the best to pick as they take up less inventory space and can be imbued with with many useful categories (and valuable) bonuses.

Don’t read skill books until enchanted lvl 90

close a changing skill book and more from other skills on the right.

The The most important thing to do when leveling up the enchantment effect is to avoid reading any Enchanting Skill Books altogether until you can’t learn anything else from the trainer. At Level 90, there is no trainer in Skyrim that can teach you anything new about Enchantment. Until then, avoid reading these books.

  • Black tragedy
  • Catalog of Armor Enchantments
  • Catalog of Weapon Enchantment
  • Enchanter’s Primer
  • Twin Secrets
  • The Oghma Infinium

Oghma Infinium is unique in that it is only readable after completing “Discerning the Transmundane” and offers 5 Levels for various skills of the player’s choice. Read this as soon as you reach Lvl 90 Enchanting to raise it to Lvl 95, then hunt down the remaining five Skill Books as you level up normally.

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