How to know if you are sexting to a bot

One of the fastest growing trends on the internet is for different companies to claim that you can sext with a real person, only to set you up with a chat bot to trick you into subscribing to whatever service they happen to be offering. It’s so common that you really have to wonder if you’re talking to a real person or a bot most of the time. It can be very difficult to tell if you don’t know what to look out for. The simple rule is that, if you think you’re talking to a bot, you are. You can just tell when it’s a preprogrammed response over a genuine one. If you want a good idea as to how to pick out a bot or real person, you can read this article from Convince and Convert. They give you a whole lot of different examples that you can use to learn the difference. Once you do that, you’ll be able to tell if you’re being scammed or misled at all. When you come across a site that’s giving you bots to talk to, you just want to walk away from it as fast as you can manage.

Women don’t sound like bots

When you get right down to it, a horny girl just isn’t going to sound like a bot when you talk to her. You should be able to ask her about specifics and get specific answers. The second the answers are too broad for you, it’s a good sign that you’re talking to a bot. A good trick is to ask her something that requires a direct answer over something a computer could dream up. That’s something that you’ll be able to figure out with a little bit of time.

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Horny girls like this are going to be more than able to tell you the specifics you’re asking them about. One good example is to ask her what she’s wearing. You don’t want to be that broad, though. Any bot could answer that question. You have to ask a question that a computer could never consider. Ask her what color her shoes are or how she’s wearing them. A good way to do that would be to ask her if her heels are hanging off her toes. That’s something that only a human will understand and be able to answer for you. If it’s a bot, you’ll just be asked to rephrase your question and you’ll know right away what’s going on.

It could also be fun

Of course, you also have to keep in mind the fact that sexting with a bot could be a lot of fun. You don’t expect it to be, but lots of people are trying it and they seem to like it. It’s really no different than watching porn. It’s all prepackaged and there to stimulate you sexually. If you’re okay with watching porn then you might just be okay with sexting a bot as well. You can read an article about it at Vice if you want a good idea as to how it all works for you. It can be the perfect alternative to a lonely night when you can’t find any real people who want to sext with you. You’ll just have to wake up the next morning with the full knowledge that you had sex with a computer and you might never be able to recover from it. It might be fun at the moment, but the weight of it will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Just find real womenIf you want to save yourself from a fate like that then all you have to do is visit a site where you know you’ll be talking to real women the entire time you’re on it. You never have to question whether or not you’re talking to a bot because you’ll be able to carry on a real conversation with a real person. It’s shocking just how easily the sexting will flow when you have a real person talking to you and responding to you. You can cut through all of the fake sites and connect with real women for sexting at This is where you need to be when you want to talk to real women and nothing else. It’s easy to use and you’re not going to want to leave after you start having a good time with the girls there. You’ll never have a hotter session with any robot, no matter how well they’re programmed. Just point your browser and start looking. You’ll see real women who want to have real conversations with you and you can pick them based on how they look rather than how human you hope they end up sounding to you.

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