How to kill cave worms

The caves can be found in different areas in Icarus. They can shelter protects you from exposure, as well as places where you can turn your bed into a spawn point. Unfortunately, these spots are also crawling with dangerous enemies. This is ours Icarus The guide helps you kill the cave worms so you can exploit those iron, aluminum, copper and coal mines.

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Icarus Tutorial: How to kill cave worms

When you first see a cave, you might think to yourself that all is well and it’s cozy all around. But, once you venture further, the “battle music” starts playing because the hostile mob has just appeared. These are the cave worms of Icarus, with each cave containing at least half a dozen of these creatures. They will attack by spewing a drop of venom, and you may want to have some Anti-Poison Sticks on hand (1x yarn, 2x spoiled meat and 1x coal).

To kill worms in the cave Icarus, you’ll want to bring the right tools and weapons:

  • At least two Wood Rag torches – 40x thread and 8x each.
  • Multiple wood walls – 12x fiber and 20x wood.
  • Wood repair hammer – 10x thread, 4x stick and 8x stone.
  • Wooden bow – 30x thread and 24x rod.
  • Option 1: Stone Arrow – 1x yarn, 1x stick and 1x stone.
  • Option 2: Bone Arrow – 1x thread, 1x rod, 5x bone.

Icarus Cave Worms How to Kill Cave Worms Iron Aluminum Coal Copper 1

Once you’ve identified the worm’s spawn point in the cave, head back to the entrance to let them burrow underground. Then reach inside and drop down your wooden walls. Remember to hold down “R” to select another variation (you’ll want the one with the window open).

The worm’s poison bullets can still damage your structures. At the very least, you can hide behind the obstacles and snipe them during their animation. Likewise, if the wooden walls are damaged, you can repair them with a hammer (hold left mouse button) and dismantle them (“Y”), allowing you to redeploy them to a different location.

Note: You can light the torches (right click) and drop them (“Q”) to the ground. This allows you to see better in the dark. Just try to avoid stepping on them or placing a wooden structure nearby. Otherwise, you could cause the fire to spread.

Icarus Cave Worm How to Kill Cave Worms Iron Aluminum Coal Copper 2

After eliminating the worm in the cave, you will want to quickly mine the resources in the area. Caves Icarus tends to be a major source of iron, copper, aluminum and coal mineral deposits.

Just be ready because the worm in the cave will respawn after a few minutes have passed. If you need to rest or let the storm pass, you can stay closer to the entrance (provided the crowds aren’t there either).

Icarus Cave Worms How to kill Worms in a cave Iron Aluminum Coal Copper 3

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