How To Increase YouTube Views: Best Recommendations

There are different ways to attract an audience on Youtube. Channel owners spend a lot of time on improving the quality of their videos. The competition is huge, so increasing YouTube views with the help of various services is no less important in promotion than the content itself. But video platform algorithms have technical features that can also be used to boost views. You only need to understand the mechanisms of these algorithms.

A significant impact on the popularity of the channel affects the viewing time. The longer people watch the video, the more often YouTube will offer it to users and rank it higher. 

Both the total number of views on the video and high retention views time are important.

Why is it important to learn how to use statistics?

Each account owner has access to video viewing statistics. Active bloggers know how to use this tool in order to maximize video views on YouTube. You need to start publishing videos and wait until enough information is gathered. In the analytics section you can track:

  • viewing statistics;
  • interactions with videos;
  • changes in the number of subscribers;
  • income.

Truthful evaluation of the popularity of content helps to make the right conclusions and then correct previous mistakes.

Influence of the depth and number of views on the popularity of the channel

YouTube tries to simultaneously respect the interests of viewers and bloggers. If the channel owner offers really interesting and high-quality content it will definitely be appreciated and the video will get to the top and will appear in the recommended ones.

Special counters collect information about the parameters of the video and the interest of the audience. Algorithms are used to compile video content ratings because it is impossible to ask the opinion of millions of viewers.

What is rated on Youtube:

  • Number of viewers

The more people who watched the video, the more chances it has to get into the TOPs and recommendations.

  • Depth of views

The main indicator of the demand for the video for users of the resource. The depth is influenced by the length of time viewers watch the video. Ideally 100% of the full duration should be viewed. The higher the percentage of video content is, the better it is  for promotion on Youtube.

Best ways to boost views

1. Distributing your video

To increase your views on YouTube, you need to use every opportunity. You can use these and other ways:

  • Social networks: publishing videos, links in thematic groups. Announcements of video clips can be made and users can be encouraged to share the video.
  • Forums: answering questions with a relevant video.
  • Search engines are more demanding to show videos from YouTube. You will need to work with keywords, create a readable transcription of the video.
  • A personal blog can also be an excellent platform for promoting a channel on YouTube.

2. Fighting for a place in the top search results

YouTube has clear requirements for videos that will get to the top of the output: you need more likes, views and comments. That’s why the channel is usually promoted in a comprehensive way. There are several ways to maximize activity in order to get to the top:

  • Asking viewers to like, leave comments.
  • Asking viewers to share their opinions. Optimally, ask a question that does not require a detailed answer and you can write “yes” or “no”.
  • Buy views YouTube. The platform sees activity, which will get to the top of the output. 

3. YouTube views on “Recommendation” section

On the main page of YouTube are placed videos that may be of interest to a particular user. The selection is created individually, which allows many times more views. These categories include videos that get a lot of views in the first 48 hours, as well as a higher chance for popular channels with a large number of subscribers. Often people use paid boosting services for new videos to get them into these categories and help increase their views on YouTube even more.

All of these methods will help you get more views, which not only reflects the popularity of the video but also directly affects the revenue and statistics of YouTube. Google Help on YouTube in the Google Help Center has detailed information about how YouTube measures user engagement. This will help you get a better understanding of how to promote your channel and make better use of ways to grow your views.

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