How to increase interlink level

Stay true to that xeno the legacy of the franchise’s giant mechs, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 introduces them Ouroboros. The Ouroboros is formed by the union of two characters like Noah and Mio, merging into one giant mech for a limited time on the battlefield. The Ouroboros attacks are slow and clumsy, but they can unleash powerful attacks.

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The Ouroboros becomes available in Chapter 3 from Xenoblade Chronicles 3from that point on, players will have access to most Xenoblade Chronicles 3‘s combat system. These include normal arts, fusion arts, and chain attacks. However, for the Ouroboros to be effective in combat, players must perfect a specific set of actions to fully unleash the power of their mech forms.


There are many systems at play Xenoblade 3‘s combat system. It’s easy to get lost in the mechanics of it all, but the system isn’t as complex as it might seem when it all fits together.

After a spectacular cutscene introducing the Ouroboros, players must be prepared to use them in battle. When activated they are very powerful and can launch some devastating attacks. However, to fully utilize the mech’s powers, they can use theirs connection level must be increased to a maximum of 3.

To increase interlink levels, the team must use Fusion Arts in battle. It means that the party one Xenoblade Chronicles 3 must have activated the Master Arts. There are four artificial trees on the left and right of the battle screen. The left side has the learned master arts saved and The right side is the normal art.

Players must use Fusion by Hold ZR and matching the opponent’s abilities when both sides are fully charged and ready to use simultaneously. This combines both arts into one more powerful attack.

The image above shows which Arts players must match to activate the Fusian Arts represented by wavy lines connecting the powers. Using these arts in combat increases the Ouroboros’ Interlink level from zero to three. Allowing the Interlink level to reach level 3 means that the Ouroboros form lasts longer and allows them to unleash more powerful attacks.

Using the Fusian First Command

If you want the other members of the team to use their Ouroboros forms Xenoblade 3‘s battles, then the player must issue the “Fusion First” order. The instructions for doing this are as follows:

  • Wait for a fight to start
  • Press and hold the ZL button
  • The Fusion First Command appears in the left Arts tree.
  • Press the right arrow key
  • Leave this command active if you want the other party members to change at will

That’s all players need to know about increasing interlink level to 3 inches Xenoblade Chronicles 3. It is recommended to use the Interlink skills on powerful enemies and bosses. With weaker and smaller enemies, it’s easier to rely on basic attacks.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is available now for the Nintendo Switch

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