How to increase friendship in Pokemon Legends Arceus

The Pokemon series has had a lot of different mechanics that have been introduced over the years, and one of the many has been ported to Pokemon Legends Arceus is the mechanic of Friendship and it’s important that you know how to increase that stat.

There are many stats related to Pokemon, whether it is related to their base stats with HP, Attack, Defense, etc.

There are also some stats that are more game dependent and Friendship is one of the stats that play a role back Pokemon Legends Arceus.

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Pokémon Legend: Arceus | Hisuian Zoroark Mystery Footage Trailer



Pokémon Legend: Arceus | Hisuian Zoroark Mystery Footage Trailer





What is friendship in Pokemon?

While most people think Friendship was first introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver, it actually goes back to Pokemon Yellow with keeping up with your Pikachu’s happiness.

Friendship has been extended in Gen II to all Pokemon, which will start at Base Friendship and can be increased later. In that game and beyond, you can even use the Friend Ball to catch Pokemon with higher levels, but that’s not a factor in this game.

The Friendship mechanics then change over time, with certain Pokemon starting with different levels of Friendship and more depending on the game.

By leveling up your Friendship with a Pokemon, they will generally be happier, and certain Pokemon will evolve as they reach a certain Friendship level and level up again.

Pokemon like Espeon and Umbreon were examples of this back then and again in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

How to increase friendship level in Pokemon Legends Arceus

With the level of Friendship being a requirement for certain developments, this means that increasing that level is even more important.

Growing friendships is something you won’t catch up with right away, but there are ways to continually increase it over time to the point where they can grow.

The first step is to make sure that you’re using the Pokemon that you want to upgrade Friendship in battle with as much as possible. While doing that, you also need to make sure not to let them pass out as much as possible, as that can hinder your progress a bit.

Next is to use the Pokemon itself to collect various items from the wild, such as launching them to hit trees or rocks.

Finally, there are also variations of EXP Candies found in the game that are different from the regular Rare Candies. This EXP candy will help level up Friendship faster and allow you to evolve Pokemon that need higher stats.

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