How to hunt and skin wild animals

Icarus takes you to a planet filled with many dangers. Survival is of the essence, which means you need to get rid of swarms and swarms lest they make you the bottom of the food chain. This is ours Icarus A guide to help you hunt and skin wild animals.

Note: We will have a Icarus Tutorials and central features soon, so stay tuned.

Icarus Tutorial: How to hunt and skin wild animals


Icarus give you some weapons that allow you to hunt wild animals. Mostly, though, you’ll want to use bows. Here are some suitable Level 1 options early in the game:

  • Wooden bow – 30x thread and 24x rod.
  • Stone Arrows – 1x thread, 1x stick and 1x stone.
  • Bone Arrows – 1x thread, 1x rod, 5x bone.

Note: Then at Level 2 you can unlock the Longbow, which requires 24x wood, 32x skins and 4x bones.

Icarus Guide to Hunting Skinned Animals 1

Stealth attacks, serious attacks and lures in enemies

Go to Settings -> Controls and make sure that Crouch Toggle is enabled. If you press the button, you can crouch indefinitely without having to hold the button. This is really useful if you’re trying to sneak around to get a headshot (dealing critical damage).

However, before examining a dead animal, you may decide to just dispose of its carcass. After some time has passed, other carnivores like wolves will come. You can keep shooting these new ones to earn more XP.

Icarus Guide to Hunting Skinned Animals 2

Skinning Knife

Before you can skin an animal in Icarus, you must first craft a knife. Ideally you’ll want to use the Stone Knife, which requires 2x yarn, 2x sticks, and 4x stones. Although it will break after four or five uses, the necessary ingredients are relatively easy to find. Then at Level 2 you can get the Iron Knife, which requires 5x wood, 4x leather, 6x iron ingots and 2x iron nails.

The peeling process takes only a few seconds. You will then be able to get all the loot from a creature (e.g. skins, feathers, bones and meat for cooking).

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Useful talent

Finally, there are some tech tree crafting talents and gear that can help you a lot when hunting and skinning wild animals in the wild. Icarus:

  • Survival – Hunting:
    • Fine Butcher I and II – Increases meat production.
    • Bone Collector I and II – Increases bone production.
    • Hunting: Skinner carefully – Increase skin.
    • Increases arrow damage I and II – Increases arrow damage.
  • Combat – Bow:
    • Crafty Fletcher – Chance to craft two arrows.
    • Soft Scores I and II – Increases the critical chance multiplier.
  • Duel:
    • Very, Very Quiet – Hard to be detected while filming.
    • Savage Hunter I and II – Increases yield from hunting.
  • Crafting Level 2:
    • Leather bench – 60x fiber, 50x wood, 12x stone and 20x leather; Dispose of animal carcasses to get more resources. You need to carry the carcass of an animal by holding “E”, then take it to the Skinning Bench.

Icarus available through Steam.

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