How to hire a flight attendant?

Hiring a Butler in Skyrim is easier than imagined, as long as the player has access to a follower and has purchased a farm.

Skyrim Windstad Lydia's Flight Attendant Guide

Skyrim gives players lots of ways to role-play and build a sense of immersion in the icy northern lands of Tamriel. One of the many ways to turn the world of Skyrim feels more real than buying a house and building it over the course of the game. However, proper maintenance of the home and surrounding land can be difficult when going on an adventure.

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That’s where Stewarts comes in. Jarl Balgruuf of Whiterun has Proventus Avenicci as his manager, but the role of Dragonborn’s butler is very different. Other than an advisor or strategist, a manager will help take care of the farm by providing home improvement activities, ordering supplies, placing furniture, and maintaining things when the player is out killing. Dragon.


What Does a Flight Attendant Do In Skyrim?

Skyrim Heljarchen Hall

There are three main things a manager can do in Skyrim – they can build rooms without supply demand, they can order supply shipments and offer special buildings and options that can only be purchased from them. Once hired, the managers can build and renovate the farm for a fixed cost of gold.

  • The main lobby: 3,500 gold
  • Tower of Enchantment: 2,500 gold
  • Alchemy Lab: 2,500 gold
  • Bedroom: 2,000 gold
  • Armory: 2,000 gold
  • Library: 1,500 gold
  • Cup Room: 1,500 gold
  • Greenhouse: 1,500 gold
  • Kitchen: 1,500 gold
  • Warehouse: 1,000 gold

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they can too arrange for specific supplies taken to the Carpenter’s Workbench, should the player wish to make these improvements themselves. These also cost a fixed amount of gold and will arrive after a short time in the game.

  • Clay: 20 bricks for 20 gold
  • Limestone: 20 Stones for 100 Gold
  • Saw diary: 20 records for 200 gold

Finally, they offer a select number of services that only managers can add. These include three farm animals as well as the ability to hire a Bard or build a permanent Transporter on site.

  • Hire Bard: 1,500 Gold. Play music at people’s houses.
  • Hire transport: 500 Gold. Takes the player to large cities, like the regular Transport, as well as some small cities that the Transporter doesn’t normally reach.
  • Horse: 1,000 Gold. Attachment. It is necessary to build a barn.
  • Cows: 200 Gold. Spawn Milk Bottles on the property. Requires Animal Pen to be crafted.
  • Chicken meat: 25 Gold. Spawn on properties. Requires Animal Pen to be crafted.

How to hire a flight attendant in Skyrim

NPC Skyrim Steward

Management is not a special class of followers in Skyrim, even though have access to many categories unique abilities compared to ordinary followers. To hire a manager, go through the same process as you would hire a follower. Take your chosen followers to the Farm and talk to them while at home to see if they are a good fit for the management job.

If the option to ask them to be a manager is available, congratulations, you’re done! However, if it is not visible, the follower you have selected cannot become a manager. Fire this follower, and find someone else until one agrees to be your manager. This interaction must be done on the property, because the dialogue option won’t show up elsewhere.

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