How to Hatch Eggs from Riley and What’s Inside

When Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl players sail to Iron Island, they can get an egg from Riley, but what’s inside it?

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During the player’s journey in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl, they will be given a few Pokemon Eggs by some NPCs. Get in early BDSP, the player can get a Happy egg from a hiker in Hearthome City. And later in the game, the player will have access to a place called Canalave City, located in the far west of the Sinnoh map. Here, a sailor will take the player on a boat to an island at the northern end of the city called Iron Island.

On Iron Island, players will need to travel through a cave, defeat a few trainers, and collect hidden items along the way. Finally, the player will meet an NPC named Riley, who is wearing a blue outfit. He will join the player in a couple of double battles in the cave and then a Team Galactic battle to end it all. When the fight is over, he will thank the player by giving them a mystery egg. This guide will show Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls players how to hatch eggs and contain any Pokemon.


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What’s Inside Riley’s Egg?

After the player incubates Riley’s egg, they will find a baby Riolu. If players had noticed Riley’s main Pokemon, Lucario, during the Iron Island battles, they might have known what Riley’s Pokemon eggs contained. Riolu is a battle-type Pokemon, and it shouldn’t be a big deal in its current state, but Riolu actually evolved into Lucario, a great addition to any Pokemon team due to some useful moves like Aura Sphere, Close Combat, and Bone Rush.

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Players can evolve their Riolu into Lucario by increasing its happiness level to a certain value during the day. There are many ways for players maximize the happiness of their Pokemon in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls, but as long as the player takes care of Riolu and levels up, it will eventually grow, regardless of whether the player tries or not.

How to Hatch Riley’s Egg

Like the other eggs in the game, the player only needs to walk a lot of steps and/or cycle. To hatch this special egg, it will take about 6000 stepsand players can use pedometer app for Poketch to track. The fastest way to hatch an egg is to just find a straight path that makes it easy to cycle without stopping and then turn back and forth and do it again and again.

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