How to Get Your Air Conditioner Working Again

Air conditioners provide welcome relief from the onslaught of summer heat. Unfortunately, these units do not last forever. When an A/C system breaks down, prompt repairs become necessary. Getting an air conditioner working again involves calling professional HVAC technicians.

Signs an Air Conditioner Is Failing

When air conditioning issues arise, homeowners need to know the signs. Being aware of problems will help homeowners act quickly. The following are some cues an air conditioner needs repairs

  • If warm air is blowing out of the unit instead of cold, this is a problem an owner cannot ignore. Warm air is often caused by a lack of refrigerant. Leaks and other issues may force a unit to stop cooling as it should. 
  • Insufficient airflow is also a warning sign. If the unit does not have substantial airflow, it cannot cool a home efficiently. The unit will end up working overtime and cooling will become limited in the home. 
  • Frequent cycling should alert a homeowner of problems with their A/C unit. If the unit suddenly starts running continuously or short-cycles, this means it cannot cool effectively. An air conditioner tune-up can eliminate this problem. 
  • Leaks are also problematic for air conditioners and could indicate a serious problem. If leaks are occurring, refrigerant fluids become lost. An air conditioner cannot function normally without the correct refrigerant levels. 
  • Foul odors are abnormal for an A/C system. Unpleasant odors stemming from an air conditioner could have various causes, including wiring damage. Some issues are more severe than others and require an immediate repair appointment. 

Should a Homeowner Repair or Replace?

When performance issues arise, homeowners must decide if they will seek repair or replacement. Getting a professional opinion from an HVAC technician is advantageous. 

Deciding on replacement or repair will depend on the severity of the damage and the age of the system. Has the air conditioner begun breaking down frequently? Is the unit approaching the end of its viable lifespan?

Older systems are going to become much less efficient at cooling a home. These systems must work harder because of wear and tear. If a unit is breaking down frequently and is older, homeowners should begin shopping for A/C replacement right away. 

Rely on Professionals for all A/C Repair

While it may be compelling for homeowners to attempt a DIY approach to repairs, professionals carry out repairs precisely. When homeowners try to repair their systems without professional aid, they sometimes cause greater damage. 

A professional technician has the full training, tools, and equipment to take care of all types of air conditioner repairs. These professionals also manage the replacement of an older unit with a new energy-efficient model. 

Installing a New Air Conditioner Offers Many Benefits

Older air conditioners are ineffective at cooling homes adequately. These units end up requiring constant repairs that become expensive. A/C replacement ensures homeowners will have a safe and efficient system to cool their homes. 

Homeowners will find peace of mind in calling for a full inspection of their systems. The technician will check every aspect of the old cooling system to determine if repairs are feasible or if a new unit is warranted. 

Air conditioners perform an integral service for homeowners. Without an air conditioner, the interior of a home becomes unbearably hot, putting the occupants in danger of developing heat-related illnesses. Now is the time to seek A/C repair or replacement services.

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