How to get Verso Strelak in Armory (Battery Quiz)

The Strelak Verso is a special gun for Colt in Deathloop both a machine gun and a dual pistol. It can only be found deep inside the Armory, which itself is located in Complex. To reach it, the player must solve a battery-related puzzle. Having Strelak Verso makes it more battle-oriented to attract Visionaries in Deathloop easier.

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It may seem confusing at first, but the quick summary of what one has to do and the failure states makes it pretty straightforward. After watching this tutorial, anyone can unlock the gun and add it to Colt .’s arsenal. Finally, you must use a battery to activate the vestibule to access different areas of the Item Storage. The trick is not to twist them too much or the battery will run out.. Just remember, taking the gun is part of the equation in Deathloop. The player must then use the Residuum and infuse the weapon to keep it through future rounds.


Updated on November 26, 2021, by Jason Wojnar: A few months after its release, and Deathloop has cemented its status as one of the most notable games of 2021. It was a bit of a pre-September myth, but it’s now a popular game. best of the studio. Since all are new to the genre, some may need a little help getting through some of the more difficult puzzles. Finding Strelak Verso is optional, but the update clarifies a few points about puzzles and getting weapons.

Access the Armory

external deathloop armory

Player will receive Arsenal Lead indicates the location of the place on the map. One has to be there at noon for the door to actually open. Use the exit to the right of the tunnel and go to a large underground area (the most obvious entrance is via a turret with some guards patrolling).

red deathloop door armory

Once inside, there is a large room with a lot of guards. On the far side of it is a slightly open door with a red x; Over here is the Food Warehouse. Climb the stairs and go through the vestibule.

Battery location

window of death with four locks

Player must find three batteries. However, one must also use them to get to different areas of the Armory. Use them improperly or too much and the battery drains, rendering them unable to power the door.

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Dropping them in water or damaging them will also destroy them. If this happens, the player must try again on another loop. Has Trinket that allows players to hack and deactivate mines help with this segment.

First battery position

first pin location deathloop

This is one of the easiest to find. That is right outside the room with the door locked, power the lamp. Players need to carry it to power up a device needed to get to the next area.

Second battery position

deathloop second pin location

When returning, the player will see a vestibule. Put the battery in and activate it. Go through the opposite side of the changing room. NS the second battery is powering the Colt front light. Players don’t need this to get to the third pin, but they should keep an eye on where it is so they don’t lose it.

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Go down this path a little further and there is a door that opens with a red button right next to it. Colt will push a button and this gives him access to the room using the battery slots. This way the player does not need to reactivate the first vestibule.

Third battery

third battery deathloop

This one takes a little more effort. From the aforementioned door, the player should turn around and go downstairs. Turn left at the end of the hallway and there’s a room of Colt’s ankle-deep water. Standing here deals damage to him, but with full health the player will have enough time to duck down to the small vent, get the battery, and then return. If the battery falls into water, it will be destroyed.

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If a player messes up by destroying the battery or using it too much and killing the water, they can try again by moving on to the next round. Unlike some other side quests in Deathloop, this challenge is constant regardless of the loop.

Catch Strelak Verso

keep fighting death oop

With all the batteries found, just run back to the locked door, put them in, then press the button. The door will open and the gun is free. Although it is possible to do this early in the game, players should wait until Residuum and infusion are introduced in mechanical form. Otherwise, Colt will only lose the gun when the next round begins.

The Strelak Verso is a dual pistol that can be turned into an automatic weapon. It is one of the few guns that can transform into a completely different weapon with the push of a button. The player’s only risk is if Julianna infiltrates and kills Colt before the player can use the weapon.

Deathloop Now out on PS5 and PC.

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