How to get to the city of Eterna

The city of Eterna can only be reached by bicycle, so the trainer must find another route to get there in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl Eterna City Pokecentre

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls follows the same blueprint as every other entry in the mainline RPG series. Trainers must fight and capture Pokemon to build a team strong enough to take on all the Gym Leaders and some variants of the Elite Four.

NS Brilliant diamond and Shining pearls The Switch remakes don’t go far from this successful formula, keeping the original game’s core roster of characters and gameplay intact. This includes the correct path to take when tasked with finding the City of Eterna.

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How to get to Eterna City in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl town map with route 204 marked

After finding and beat Roark in the Oreburgh City Gymnasium, the trainers were assigned a target to reach Eterna City. Unfortunately, the road to the north is impassable, as bicycles are required to climb the steep incline.

Instead of looking for a bike to Eterna City, head West, back to Jubilife City, then North to 204 Street. If the player does not have The old one has not entered yet Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls, they can go west of Jubilife City to get it from a fisherman. While heading north on Route 204, use the newly acquired Rock Breaking skill to clear the way in the cave. Keep going forward, until you reach Floaroma Town.

Make sure to use PokeCentre before heading east, until you reach Valley Windworks. ONE Team Galactic member will need to be defeated. The door will remain locked, but the two members of Team Galactic who were standing in front of the northwest entrance back to Floaroma Town will now move. Go back and go through it to fight the next group of enemies to get the key to Valley Windworks.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl cheryl route 205

Complete the Valley Windworks area, and then cross the north bridge, now that the two enemies of Galactic have moved. Continue north up 205th Street, fighting train drivers and picking up items along the way, until you reach a house on a set of stairs. Enter the Forest of Eterna, just past the house.

Cheryl will follow her until she reaches the exit, and the trainers will have to engage in team battles with her. She will heal party members after each battle. Fight through the Forest of Eterna until you reach the exit.

After exiting the Eterna Forest, Cheryl will depart, and the player can either head north to avoid the fishers on the walk, or they can fight Water-type Pokemon. Although, it turned out to be a few Magikarp.

Then the trainers will eventually locate the city of Eterna, where they will eventually defeat Gardenia in Brilliant diamond and Shining pearls.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls Now out for Nintendo Switch.

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