How to get to Moreau

Resident Evil VillageThe region’s rural Eastern European setting is relatively small but has many maze passages and obstacles that are not cleared or traversed until an item is collected. Resident Evil Village, no different than before item in Resident Evil Franchising, which includes fetch quests with a variety of key items to collect and environmental puzzles to solve throughout its story.

Resident Evil Village then task protagonist Ethan Winters with collection vessels containing the crystallized, fragmented parts of his daughter, Rose, from the game’s four main antagonists. Resident Evil Villageantagonism of They all reside in different locations and biomes that must be encountered in a particular order according to the narrative sequence. For example, Salvatore Moreau is met in third place, and knowing where to go to reach him can be a bit difficult at first. This is how and when can players find Moreau in Resident Evil Village.


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Where to go after collecting the four-pointed immortal key


First, the player cannot go to Moreau or East Old Town without the Four-pointed Immortal Key. After defeating Donna Beneviento and her Angie doll in House Beneviento, the player will receive a second vase of roses and a four-pointed Key of Immortality, part of an assortment, The main mechanism is assembled in Resident Evil Village added with other pieces while checking and rotating it. After the player collects it, they can return to the way they came to House Beneviento with some suspenseful surprises along the way.

Back at the Altar of Crossing between several locations and bosses like Donna Beneviento, the player can use the four-pointed Key of Immortality on the locked gate to the south. The Altar’s checkpoint allows the player to replenish ammunition, sell goods, or buy products at Resident Evil Villagemerchant of, Duke, but the player can choose to continue in another way. Fortunately, Resident Evil Village fully open the player’s path with a detailed map that the player can evaluate to see which areas are accessible at any given time.

What to prepare for along the way to Moreau

However, when entering the gate to the East Old Town, the player will attacked by a Varcolac, or “werewolf”. This enemy can be dodged after Ethan escapes into a nearby structure that Varcolac can’t get into, although the player also has the option to kill it afterwards and stay there for a sellable Crystal Beast item. Okay.

Players will be familiar with this path as it resembles the path they entered through the village and where the boisterous lycan ambush took place at the beginning. Resident Evil Village. Players will notice a breakable “mucus” appearing throughout the area now, and at the end of the path to the right, there is an obstacle caused by that substance that the player must break. . This results in multiple substances blocking a ladder that the player uses to get through a locked portal.

The front windmill then leads the player to an elevator-activated entrance that leads to a minefield. Paths in the mine are blocked and inaccessible, leading the player narrowly down a corridor and to a window where a third pot can be seen. But when Ethan reaches for the third pot, Moreau appears and knocks it away. The player will successfully reach Moreau and can proceed to the battle with Moreau’s boss at the reservoir.

Resident Evil Village currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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