How to get to Celestial Town

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In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl, players will travel around Sinnoh fighting trainers, catching Pokemon, challenging Pokemon gyms, and collecting TMs and HMs. For example, the HM Surf, which is used to traverse water bodies, will be given to the player when they arrive at Celistic Town.

The path to Celetic Town will be visible before the player has the fourth Gym Badge. However, it is locked after a story-based event. To get to Celistic Town at Brilliant diamond and Shining pearls, the trainer has several tasks to complete first.


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First thing to do before entering Celetic Town

Pokemon brilliant diamond shining pearl psyduck

Here’s what the trainer will need:

  • Secret Drugs (Main Section)

  • Fen . Coat of Arms

  • HM Defog

After arriving Solaceon town, the player can go north Route 210. If they continued straight ahead, they would see a house with a pink roof and a bunch of Psyducks gathering among some trees. These Pokemon are conveniently blocking the rest of Route 210, which players will need to traverse to get to The town of Celistic. Unfortunately, Psyduck is known for his severe headachesand they won’t budge unless provided Secret drug.

To get the Secret Potion, the player needs to enter City of Pasttoria. Here, they will battle Crasher Wake and receive the Fen Badge, which allows the player use HM Defog outside of battle. For HM Defog, trainers can get this by going into the Safari Zone and talking to the blue haired NPC near the entrance.

After having both the badge and HM Defog in hand, the player can talk to Team Galactic Grunt stand outside the Safari Zone. Fight him, then chase him to the Valor Lakefront. Here, the player will meet Cynthia and she will give them Secret drug for use on Psyduck. Use HM Fly to Solaceon Town and go up 210th Street to give their potion to Psyduck. Players will now be able to explore the rest of Route 210.

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Route 210

pokemon brilliant diamond shining jade route 210

The first thing train riders will notice about the northern part of Route 210 is that it is very foggy. It is possible to navigate through Route 210 without using HM Defog, but the player will have trouble avoiding the trainers. So use HM Defog and head north across tall grass. This grass is different from regular grass because players won’t be able to ride their bike over it.

Keep going straight and there will be some trees and ledges. Find the grass next to the cliff with the HM Cutter. Go left through this tree and defeat the Ace Trainer standing in the way. Then, go up the stairs towards the mountain area.

There’s an Ace Trainer Double Team waiting at the first platform, so fight them or go around. Walk the next stairs to find the third Ace Trainer.

Go across the bridge and then down another bridge and there will be a Black Belt Coach. Fight him and then take the stairs behind him to go deeper into the mountains. Battle again Ace Trainer gets in the way, cross the bridge, and there will be a Veteran Trainer waiting at the end. Beat him, Go up the stairs on the left and keep on achieving The town of Celistic. Once the player has set foot in Celetic Town, fog will rise from Route 210.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl now available on Nintendo Switch.

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