How to get three stars on Spiffinmoore

This one might require some reboots for those going by trial and error. Most cards in Two point campus can be salvaged after a bad start, but as Spiffinmoore’s curses grow as the game progresses, players will need to use tactics early on to achieve a perfect score.

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The first part of this guide goes into the exact requirements for each star. The strategy to conquer Spiffinmoore will be the second part. While many walkthroughs look at each star individually, going back and making every student 75% happy, for example, is an enormous pain. It is better to know what to do beforehand, so that the whole thing Two point campus does not need to be leveled and overhauled.


Requirements for Spiffinmoore

A star

  • Campus level: 15
  • Thermal comfort rating: 85%
  • Average grade: B+
  • loan repayment

Two stars

  • Solving Pastoral Problems: 20
  • Attractiveness Rating: 75%
  • Number of students: 80
  • Level 10 Spell Student: 10

Three stars

  • Campus level: 22nd
  • Monthly profit: $50,000
  • Employee satisfaction: 65%
  • Students with an A+ degree: 20

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Many destinations such as B. campus level, population, pastoral affairs and loan repayment are hard to avoid so these are in the bag. Borrowing sounds scary, but they pay back automatically and the interest rate often doesn’t match the investment received. The rest can be quite difficult and requires a well thought out plan.

Three Star Strategy

From the start, players have to think about that $50,000 monthly win. Employee wages are the largest expense item. As much as it hurts, you don’t have clubs or food kiosks that need staff. These provide profits but not profits that appear in the monthly reports. Also, do not lay off employees, as their accumulated experience from staying will be profitable. Just have one student lounge and one student association and make the most of these two by increasing their standing.

Don’t go any further in creating rooms until the Attractiveness Rating is 75%. This is absurdly high and requires absurd amounts of posters, carpets, windows and other decorations. Trying to get 75% attractiveness in all rooms after the campus has reached level 15 or higher is a daunting task.

Finally, there is the heat problem. Those who have made Kudosh quickly will find a “Big Radiator” available for purchase. It’s actually the same size as the other radiator but can keep an entire 5×5 room at the perfect temperature when placed in the middle. With radiators, players can decide whether they need a little more heat or a lot more.

For the good grades and A+ students, this means training the professors. All Dark Ark and Sorcery Professors should have at least five teaching levels, but don’t be afraid to move on. Only, on the subject of training, go ahead and give each employee happy thoughts until their satisfaction rate is around 65%. Place arcades and other entertainment sources throughout campus, not just in the Staff Lounge, which they rarely visit.

Two point campus is now available for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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