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The White Hair Talisman is located in the deepest part of the Smoldering Lake, a secret area beneath the Carthus Catacombs.

But let’s explain exactly how to find the Smoldering Lake and how to get the White Hair Talisman, all step by step.

Access to the smoldering lake

The Smoldering Lake / DS3
The smoldering lake

Before you can search for the White Hair Talisman, you must unlock Smoldering Lake.

If you have already done so, continue to the next section.

If not, teleport to Highlord Wolnir Bonfire to get started.

High Lord Wolnir Bonfire / DS3
High Lord Wolnir Bonfire

Exit the campfire room through the exit that will take you to the Carthus Catacombs. At the end of the path you will see a large suspension bridge that leads into the main area of ​​the catacombs.

Two bridge girders are connected to the stone. Hit one with your weapon to break the bridge. Make sure you stand firmly on the stone before doing this or you will fall to your death.

The Suspension Bridge / DS3
The rope bridge

Once the bridge has collapsed, you can go to the edge where the bridge was and interact with the collapsed bridge to use it as a makeshift ladder.

Climb down the ladder and follow the path until you reach a large chamber inhabited by a fire demon.

The Fire Demon / DS3
The Fire Demon

You can fight the demon if you wish, but it’s recommended that you simply run past it.

To get past it safely, run down the steps once you enter the chamber, then roll off the small ledge behind the fire demon.

The archway at the back of the Fire Demon Chamber / DS3
The archway at the back of the Fire Demon’s chamber

You will see an archway in front of you – run through it and the demon can no longer pursue you. You may have a skeleton or two chasing you, so take them out before proceeding.

On your right you will see a door leading to the Abandoned Tomb Bonfire. Go through it and light it up to unlock a permanent fast travel point to Smoldering Lake.

The Fire of the Abandoned Crypt / DS3
The Bonfire of the Abandoned Tomb

Find the White Hair Talisman

Once you reach the Smoldering Lake, you have quite a journey ahead of you to reach the White Hair Talisman.

Before you can reach the talisman, you must first find the Old King’s Antechamber Beacon.

Step 1: Reach the Old King’s Antechamber Campfire

The Ancient King's Antechamber Beacon in the Fast Travel Menu / DS3
The Ancient King’s Antechamber Beacon in the fast travel menu

If you’ve already explored Smoldering Lake, you may already have unlocked the Old King’s Antechamber Beacon.

If yes, continue to the next section.

From the Abandoned Tomb Bonfire, go through the front archway and down the path to fully enter Smoldering Lake.

The entrance to Smoldering Lake / DS3
The entrance to the smoldering lake

If this is your first time here, be sure to get in the water. Once you do, a giant sandworm will sprout out of the ground and will likely kill you if you’re not prepared.

Next to the sandworm, a distant ballista will start firing regular volleys of three giant darts at you.

Luckily, you don’t have to stay on the lake very long to find the talisman. Once you step on it, turn left and head toward the boss fog door in the distance.

The Fog Door Far Away / DS3
The fog door in the distance

By sticking to the lake’s limits, you’ll likely avoid most of the sandworm’s moves and attacks. Keep moving and spamming Estus and you will make it.

When you’re near the fog door, look to the right to see a small ledge just outside the water of the lake. Go to the Mist Door general area to find a ramp leading there.

The small bar on the right / DS3
The small ledge on the right

Once on the ledge, go through the archway on your left to avoid the sandworm and ballista.

Down the stairs you will see the demon ruins bonfire.

Light it up to set a new checkpoint.

The Fire of Demon Ruins / DS3
The Demon Ruins bonfire

Walk out the bonfire room door, then turn right to follow the path down. Go straight at the bottom of the stairs, then pause before stepping onto the balcony.

From here the route becomes very dangerous, so move quickly and try not to get caught up in unnecessary fights.

Turn right and look for a hole in the ground that will reveal a set of stairs.

The Stairs in the Burrow / DS3
The stairs in the hole in the ground

Go down the steps and turn right at the bottom. Sprint down to the end of the area and enter the narrow corridor at the end. At the end of the corridor, turn the corner and take out the enemy here.

In front of it is a large room full of enemies. Run past them to the opposite corner of the room where you entered.

Here you will find another archway.

The archway leading out of the Great Room / DS3
The archway leading out of the great room

Go through the archway and turn right once you enter the next room. Step forward slightly and look left to see an archway in the distance.

Head over to this archway and up the stairs behind it to reach the Old King’s Antechamber Beacon.

Step 2: Pick up the talisman

The Old King's Antechamber / DS3
The bonfire in the old king’s antechamber

Once you reach the Old King’s antechamber, there are only a few more steps before you can reach the talisman.

Before you head out from here though, you might want to find some gear and consumables that will protect you from fire damage.

Some elements that do this are:

  • Flame Slab Ring (found in Undead Settlement)
  • Mottled Slab Ring (found in the main section of Smoldering Lake)
  • Red Bug Pellet (Consumable sold by Unbreakable Patches)
  • Flash Sweat (Pyromancy sold by Corynx)
The Flame Slab Ring / DS3
The Flame Slab Ring

Once you have some bonus fire resistance, head to the corner of the bonfire room, to the right of the stairs you entered from.

Hit the wall here to break the illusion and reveal a corridor behind the false wall.

The false wall in the corner of the room / DS3
The illusory wall in the corner of the room

Walk down this corridor and then roll off the ledge at its end. Immediately turn left and start sprinting to avoid the barrage of fireballs that will soon be hurled at you.

At the end of this area are two archway doors. Go through the ones on the right.

Walk down this corridor and take the first right. Take out the rats in this room and go through the archway on the left. Follow this path to see a hole in the ground.

The hole that leads to the lava pit / DS3
The hole that leads to the lava pit

The White Hair Talisman is in the lava pit you can see through this hole. You’ll almost certainly die here, so spend any souls you want to spend before you fall off.

Equip every piece of fireproof gear you have, use all consumables, and cast Flash Sweat if you have it.

Once you’re set up, roll into the lava pit. Immediately after landing, run forward and spam Estus if you don’t sprint.

You can find the White Hair Talisman as a glowing item on a corpse at the very back of the room.

The White Hair Talisman at the back of the Lava Pit / DS3
The White Hair Talisman at the back of the lava pit How to get the White Hair Talisman in DS3 – FandomSpot


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