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Headman’s Cleaver is a beautiful Two-Handed Gun Pole included in Skyrim Anniversary Edition – here’s how this executioner looks.

Guide to Skyrim Headmans Cleaver

Headman’s Cleaver is a weapon that players can recognize The Elder Scrolls: The Blade. Some players recall seeing this weapon in the beginning Skyrim, when the player is carelessly blocked after attempting to cross the border. However, this memory is false as the executioner there used a unique Greataxe, not this weapon not found in Skyrim normally.

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Headman’s Cleaver is essentially a two-handed Greatsword, although it is more similar to Halberd Polearm. It’s one of the most visually impressive items included with Skyrim Anniversary Edition, though there isn’t much else that sets it apart from other Greatswords, especially in Skyrimthe game ends.


Headman’s Cleaver Stats and Effects

Effect Stats Guide Skyrim Headmans Cleaver

The Headman’s Cleaver is one of the most unique looking weapons in Skyrim and acts as one of its only weapons, although it is classified as a Two-Handed Greatsword for skill stream bonus purposes in the Two-Handed skill tree. It scale according to player’s level when selected, which change gold value and its raw damage.

  • Equipment Type: Two-Handed Sword

  • Raw Damage: 25+

  • Inventory weight: 24

  • Gold Value: 2900+

  • Enchantment: None (and cannot apply Enchantment)

  • Improved with: Orichalcum Ingot

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Interestingly, Headman’s Cleaver was originally intended to have a spell that deals 20 Stamina damage as well as 2 bleed damage per second for 5 seconds (for a total of 10 health). Although it technically has an Enchantment Charge value of 2000, it is set to be unopenable and only works as a basic two-handed weapon do not have Possibility of Extra Bonuses.

How to get the intelligence of the head

Skyrim Headmans Cleaver Guide Location Quest How To Do It

Headman’s Cleaver is available at Blood In The Water quest, It’s a included in Creation no. This quest started by talk to any innkeeper and ask about the rumor, then they will give the player Notes from Shogarz gra-Batul, a subordinate of the Orcs of the Queen of the Kingdom of Cyrodiil. NShe Elder Scrolls: Blades The player will recognize this weapon from the game, if they reach the Orc-controlled city of Rivercrest.

The mission takes the player to Lost Knife Hideout is located between Valtheim Towers and Darkwater Crossing. It was a cave many players knew by heart, as it was a common stop on the way to the Throat of the World. However, this quest line will change the way the bandits behave and add Darkwater Snake as well as Shogarz gra-Batul himself as the NPC, whose quest must be made final – even though the player technically do not have to complete the missionsIf they don’t keep a weapon, they will receive a small reward (and keep the weapon) for submitting it.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition available for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X | S

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