How to get the average look

Mean Look is a move that can trap opposing Pokemon and prevent them from escaping battle – that’s how BDSP players can do it.

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In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl, Latest Pokemon rework, players will eventually get a chance to catch some Legendary Pokemon like Mesosterone and Cresselia. However, these two Pokemon are known as Roaming Pokemon, and cannot be found unless the player uses the Marker Map app on Poketch. This screen will show the location of the roaming Pokemon, but their location will change whenever the player arrives at a new place, such as a town or Route.

To make things even more difficult, once Legendary Pokemon caught on tall grass, they can run away at the start of the encounter, which is when Mean Look comes into play. Mean Look is a basic attack that prevents the opponent’s Pokemon from running away from battle, making it extremely useful against Pokemon like Cresselia and Mesosystem.



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How to get average look in BDSP

Unfortunately, there is no Mean Look TM for players to discover Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls, which means the player will need to catch a Pokemon that can learn Mean Look by leveling up. Here is a list of all the Pokemon in BDSP can learn Mean Look, what level they learn it and where can they find Pokemon:

Pokemon Location Average visibility
Zubat Route 203, 204, 206, 207 Level 10
Golbat Evolved from Zubat at level 22 Level 1
Gastly Route 209, Old Castle, Lost Tower, Grand . Metro Grade 8
Haunter Evolve from Gastly at level 25 Level 1
Gengar Trade Haunter Level 1
Jynx Evolved from Smoochum at level 30 Level 46
Crobat Grow from Golbat with friendship Level 1
UMBRELLA Evolved from Eevee (Increasing feelings of happiness at night) Level 50
Honchkrow Evolve from Murkrow with Dusk Stone Level 1
Murkrow Forest of Eterna, Lost Tower, Grand Underground (Exclusive Pokemon Brilliant Diamond) Level 41
Misdreavus Forest of Eterna, Lost Tower, Grand Underground, (Exclusive Shining Pearl) Level 19
Smoochum Lake Acuity, Grand Underground Level 40
Sableye Grand Underground (Shining Pearl exclusive) Level 36
Dull Route 224, Grand Underground Level 28
Dusclops Evolved from Duskull at level 37 Level 28
Mismagius Evolve Misdreavus with Sunset Stone Level 1
Dusknoir Trade Dusclops with Reaper Cloth Level 28

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl Now available for Nintendo Switch.

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The source: Serebii

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