How to get Razor Claw

When players find their way the Galar region in Pokemon Sword & Shield, they will find many useful items for their Pokemon. One of them is the Razor Claw, a kept item that increases the owner’s critical rate by a single stage in battle. However, that’s not the only use for this elusive item.

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While the Razor Claw can be useful for battle, it is also a necessary ingredient for those hoping to develop Sneasel in the game. Pokemon Sword & Shield. In order for two Shadow and Ice-type Pokemon to evolve into Weavile, it needs to hold a Razor Claw when leveling up at night.


Updated December 14, 2021 by Tom Bowen: With the hype around Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl now a bit dead and Pokemon Legends: Arceus still a few months away, many players are choosing to return to the wonderful world of Galar to pass the time. Those who have been and are asking themselves How to find Razor Claw in Pokemon Shield or its sword themed counterpart is in luck, as this guide contains all the necessary information as well as how players can use Razor Claw after following it.

Where to find a razor claw in Pokemon Sword & Shield

pokemon Sneasel

In terms of the possible uses for the Razor Claws, it is generally considered a great item for trainers to use. Fortunately, there are many places where players can find them in Galar region, both in the base version of the game and the Isle of Armor DLC expansion.

The first place the player can find the Razor Claw is Dust bowl. If they go to northwest island and close inspection northeast corner of the island, they can find Razor Claw. It even has a 25% chance of reappearing once found, although players should be aware that they will need it Rotom Bike Water mode to achieve it.

The next location where the player can find Razor Claw in Pokemon Shield or Sword is the town of Stack. When to visit Bargain shop there, there’s a chance the shopkeeper will sell a Razor Claw to 3,000 Poke. The chance of getting a Razor Claw this way is only one in 28, but if the player comes back daily or changes the date on their Switch, they will eventually be able to get one.

Pokemon Kommo-o

If players really want to try their luck, there is one more method for those who are limited to the base version of the game. Sword Pokemon. This is related to catch wild Jangmo-o, Hakamo-o or Kommo-o, can be found in the Lake of Outrage and Dusty Bowl areas. There’s a 5% chance that the first two will holding a razor claw, with Wild Kommo-o ten times more likely.

For players who own Isle of Armor DLC expansion, there is one more method to get Razor Claw related to use Cram-o-matic. If the player manages get 72-80 Ice type points into Cram-o-matic through their items, Cram-o-matic will generate Razor Claw. Ice items that can be given to Cram-o-matic include Aspear Berries, Comet Shards, Ganion Berries, Ice Stone, Icy Rocks, and Snowballs.

How to use Razor Claws in Pokemon Sword & Shield


After receiving the Razor Claw, players have a number of different choices about how they actually use it. Most will choose develop Sneasel, which requires the player to upgrade the Pokemon at night while it is holding the Razor Claw. If done correctly, the player Sneasel will evolve into Weavile, which boasts a much improved 510 base stat total over Sneasel’s 430.

In addition, players can use Razor Claws to increase Pokemon’s critical attack rate in battle. Since the crib is determined in part by the user’s base speed, it works best with Faster Pokemon like Regieleki and Calyrex, although Pokemon with the Super Lucky ability like Murkrow and Togekiss could also be good candidates. With high affection and a set of moves that include attacks with a high critical hit rate, This can be an extremely effective strategy.

Sword Pokemon and Pokemon Shield Currently only available for Nintendo Switch.

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