How to get Pikachu and Raichu

As all trainers know, Pikachu is the mascot of Pokemon Franchising. This adorable yellow mouse may not have a Standout Stat, but it’s something players might want if they’re looking for an Electric to add to their Party. Fortunately, the Pikachu line returns Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls.

Fans back from Diamond and Pearl can remember the habitat of Pikachu in the Sinnoh region. New players entering Sinnoh for the first time over Brilliant diamond and Shining pearls may be less certain. If they want Pikachu and plan to develop it into Raichu, there is a place they must visit in their journey.


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Find Pikachu

Pikachu is patted on the head.

Pikachu can be found when the player has made a bit of progress in their journey. By the time Pikachu becomes “available”, the player will have both the Coal Badge and the Forest Badge. Also, they need to enter Hearthome City. Gyms in Hearthome won’t work until the player gets the Cobble Badge and Fen Badge, but good luck Trainers don’t need these badges to get the electric mouse Pokemon.

To get Pikachu, start by getting Hearthome City’s southernmost exit. This will lead to Road 212. Go further down the route and there will be a building on the right. This is Pokemon Mansion, and behind the mansion itself is Cup Garden. Go straight in and go straight into the garden.

Pikachu is a random encounter at the Cup Garden and you can find Pikachu here. Fortunately, Pikachu is not a very rare Pokemon and it should be around level 18. Use Quick Ball at the start of battle or try to capture it the old fashioned way.

From Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, Electric-type Pokemon can no longer be Paralyzed. So, avoid using moves like Stun Spore or Thunder Wave. Instead, try putting Pikachu to sleep with Sleep Powder or Hypnosis. From there, reduce its health, but as always, avoid hitting it out. Since Pikachu has a 20% catch rate, bring Great Balls or Ultra Balls instead of Poke Balls.

Sometimes, a wild Pikachu may be carrying a ball of light. This is a Special Item that doubles Pikachu’s ATK and Special Attack. In addition, by breeding a Pikachu carry a ball of light, it will forward the Volt Tackle to Pichu.

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Pikachu is growing

pikachu pokemon thunderstorm

Pikachu cannot evolve into Raichu by leveling up. Instead, the trainers need to give it a Thunderstone.

Unfortunately, surefire ways to get Thunderstone won’t be available until later in the game. The earliest method to obtain Thunderstone is to obtain it in Sunyshore City. This city will remain dormant until Sunyshore’s “blackout” is over. This means that players will go through the events of the Spear Pillar before they even set foot in Sunyshore City.

To get Thunderstone, go up the glass bridge / footpath near the wooden sign at the entrance to Sunyshore City. Walk right, up, and then right to where a Sailor was standing. Take the stairs down and there should be a Poke Ball item by a rock near the water. Inside is a Thunderstone. Use it on Pikachu and it will evolve into Raichu.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls now available on Nintendo Switch.

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