How To Get Nightingale Armor (And What Does It Do)

Nightingale Armor is a unique set of armor just for who have proven themselves to one of Skyrimthe most elusive factions. An artifact of the nocturnal Prince Daedric, whose realm is darkness and darkness, each piece of the Armor is imbued with special effects that can transform an ordinary thief into a master of shadow.

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Even so, the Nightingale Armor is not an easy relic, requiring the player to go about three-quarters of the way through the Thieves Guild quest before being offered a set. It’s one of the most useful armor sets in Skyrim for stealth type characters who tend to join the Thieves Association and won’t have to go out.


Nightingale armor stats and effects

The Dragonborn In Nightingale Armor
  • Armor Type: Light
  • Total Armor Rating: 69
  • Nightingale armor effect: Increases max stamina by 40 and frost resistance by 50%
  • Nightingale Boots Effects: Gives a permanent Muffled effect and silences the movement
  • Nightingale Glove Effect: 25% increase for both Lockpicking and One-Handed weapons
  • Nightingale Hood Effect: Reduces the cost of casting Illusion by 17%
  • Bonus Effect: 25 Bonus Ranked Armor if fully equipped, for a base total of 94

Nightingale Armor is a set of Light, and thus benefits from every perk in the Light Armor skill tree. With enough points for trees, Nightingale Armor is comparable to Heavy Armor in the late game. Index boost on every piece revolves around stealing and stealth-based combat, and with a full set of gear an extra 25 Armor Rating is granted above everything else.

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Nightingale Armor is leveled up, so it will change based on when the player starts the relevant quest. There are three versions: the weakest version spawns from Levels 1 to 18, the stronger version spawns from Levels 19 to 31, and the top level version spawns at Levels 32 and up. The stats above reflect the highest level version of the Nightingale Armor.

How to get nightingale armor

Skyrim Thieves Guild

Nightingale Armor can only be obtained by participating in the quest “Trinity Restored” in Thieves Guild quest, the ninth quest of the Thieves Guild in general, where it is only given to the player to become a member of the Nightingale. Pass the first few hours of the Thieves Guild quest line until you reach the quest “The Pursuit”. Complete these leads right in “Trinity Restored”.

Make sure not to start the quest until you reach Level 32 which is the highest level version of the Nightingale Armor spawn only after this point during player development. During the quest, the player will take an oath to join the Nightingale, become the guardian of the Twilight Sepulcher and servant of Nocturnal, and eventually receive their very own Nightingale Armor set.

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