How to get Netch leather armor

Netch Leather Armor is a style of Light Armor from Morrowind, currently available for players to craft in Skyrim in two different versions.

Netch Skyrim Anniversary Leather Armor Guide

NS Skyrim The Creative Club adds more ways to customize one’s character through a wide selection of new armor and clothing. Among them is the Netch Leather Armor product, which offers one of the most unique and exciting armors from Morrowind a much requested innovation for Skyrim player.

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Netch Leather Armor is a Dark Elf specialty and comes in two variants, the regular color brown and tan or the Shadowed version with a much darker color. While Netch Leather exists and can be collected in Skyrim, specifically in Dragonborn DLC for use in Bonemold and Chitin Armor, it cannot be crafted into a Netch Leather Armor unless players who have installed this Creation.


What is Netch Leather Armor?

Netch Solstheim

Netch Leather Armor, as the name suggests, a kind of light armor Made from Netches leather. If you haven’t played yet Morrowind you may not know what Netch really is. These tentacle-filled jellyfish-like creatures can be found in Solstheim, calmly humming and flitting their way. hovering over the landscape. They are not hostile, although they will become aggressive if provoked.

Netches are an iconic creature in Vvardenfell (and throughout Morrowind, to a lesser extent) and can often be seen traveling in small groups. They are a kind of farm animal like a Cow of the Dunmer people, who raise them for their jelly, unique meat and of course their tough skin.

How to get Netch leather armor

Skyrim Anniversary Edition Dark Netch Leather Armor

To achieve the ability Handcrafted Leather Armor Netch, the player must complete “More than you can chew” quest, started after reading the book The “Seller’s Magazine” just north of Skaal . Village – find Dark Elf’s body to find the diary. NS branch quests in many directions but ends with the player being given the key to a chest containing a set of Netch Leather Armor and the book “Crafted with Netch Leather.”

Armor Type Netch tanned skin Animal skin Leather strip Armor Review
Netch leather helmet x2 0 x1 16
Boiled Netch Leather Helmet x2 0 x1 20
Netch Leather Armor x4 0 x3 32
Boiled Netch Leather Armor x4 0 x3 35
Netch Leather Shoes x2 0 x2 11
Netch Leather Tools x1 0 x2 11
Netch Leather Shield x3 0 x1 18
Netch Leather Tower Shield x1 x3 0 24

Tanned Netch Leather is achieved in a 1:1 ratio using Netch Leather at the tanning station. Come crafting Shadowed versions of the every piece of this armor make sure you have Charcoal available, as each piece of Mesh Gloss Leather Armor requires a piece in addition to the usual crafting materials to be discolored. Also, a full set Netch Leather Armor can be found in Fort Hraggstad as well as unique Boots of Blinding Speed, which increases Speed ​​by 100 when worn.

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