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An important mechanic in Far Cry 6 to be Los Bandidos Operations. These special tasks require Leaders with exceptional skills and experience to get the job done. The Los Bandidos quests are Unlocked through Camp Facilities at the main Guerrilla camps found around Yara. Engage more leaders in Far Cry 6 will mean more rewards and resources for Dani.

Bandidos Quests can be started at three main camps:

  • Madrugada
  • Velle de Oro
  • El Este

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Updated December 6, 2021 by Michael Llewellyn: Have a lot of side quests and activities all over the island of Yara. Los Bandidos side quests combine elements of strategy and management that don’t work like any other mission in the game. Choosing the right Leader for the job will mean that Dani loses fewer guerrillas during these raid missions and reaps rewards after the mission. Therefore, you should try to find and recruit all eight Far Cry 6’s The leaders of Los Bandidos and make them work for Dani. These are interesting side characters, all with backgrounds, as well as individual quests that need to be completed in order to get them.

Unlock the leaders of Bandidos in Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 Benito and other leaders

Yes eight Leaders of Bandidos to find, and everyone has two special skills to help get the job done. The more leaders Dani has under him, the more Bandidos Activities the player can tackle at once.

Leader Requires unlocking Skill
Benito Obtained in Isla Santuario as part of the main story; can’t miss Surveyor: + 50% success in construction Constructors: -50% metal required
Big Papi Complete the Yaran Story “Big Papi in Little Yara.” The mission is located at Barrial in Muerte Point. Reckless: +50% for successful attack Speed ​​Demon: 25% off Bandido’s uptime
Freddy Fonesca Jr. AKA “The Phenom” Complete Yaran’s story “Theft of a house located in Cruz Salvador, Segunda Sniper: +50% for sniping success chance Long shot: Sniper action increased by 10% for success
Alfredo Maximo AKA “The Bouncer” Complete the main story quest “Lion’s Roar.” It cannot be missed, as it is part of the campaign Smooth Talker: +50% for a Chance of Successful Bribery Save: Claim 50% off pesos
Sergio AKA “Chameleon” Completing the Yaran Story “Commercial Tricks” in La Joya, Catalina Ridge Ghillie Suits: +50% for Hidden Success Super hidden camera: Using Invisibility gives more information about Bandidos’ Operational Leadership
Isabela AKA “The Fugitive” Complete Yaran Story “Wings and a Prayer” in Noventarmas, Bandido Escort Surprise: = 50% for Ambush to succeed Adaptation: + 10% for all options
Marisol AKA “The Medic” Complete Yaran Story “Wings and a Prayer” in Noventarmas, Bandido Escort Questioner: + 50% successful interrogation Field drugs: -50% medicine needed
Zenia AKA “Artist” First compete with Yaran Story “Thunder Thunder and Heavy Metal” in Costa del Mar, Colinas Plains and Lozania, Monjas Valley. Then complete “Paint the Town” located in Esperanza, West Lado. Sabotage: +50% for Sabotage Success Rate. Resourceful: -50% Gasolina is used in a quest

far away 6 Isabela and other leaders

Unlocking all eight Bandidos Leaders can bring players lots of useful rewards like armor, weapons, and cash. This is a great way to collect non-unique and unique weapons to complete Dani’s inventory.

Database of Bandidos . Leaders

The Bandidos each have their own fairy tales that contribute to the legend and their reasons for wanting to take it down tyrannical ruler Castillo. In addition, the leader’s useful advantages can be used in the Los Bandidos quests. NS Far Cry 6 The in-game description for each leader is as follows:

Benito “The Pirate”

“A lifelong fisherman on his home island of Santuario, Benito helped launch Libertad’s first assault to liberate his home island. Despite that failure, and after Dani helped free it. Launching the island of Comandante Rosario, Benito has returned to Libertad. He leads a guerrilla team off the coast of members fighting for Yara’s freedom using his extensive network of fishing boats.”

Isabela “The Fugitive”

“Isabela was dropped from Castillo’s basic military training after she decided to defect with her teammate and lover, Marisol. Anger was a replacement. for combat ability – along with her passion, Isabela also speaks the language of revolution and carries Libertad’s message of freedom in any Bandido Campaign she leads. “

Marisol “The Medic”

“Marisol owes Libertad a huge debt after Dani Rojas saved her from a horrific death at the hands of her former comrades. A fugitive lacking combat skills but well-versed in the medical field. , she knows she must devote herself to a cause – for the sake of her lover Isabela, the guerrilla friends she leads into battle.”

Sergio “Chameleon”

“This man, alias Sergio, is well known as La Moral’s key spy. His knack for disappearing means he’s unlikely to go down in history, but if his work means anything, is a prosperous free Yara, it’s good for him.”

Big Papi “Smuggler”

“A close friend and confidant of Juan Cortez, whose reputation as a legendary guerrilla guerrilla may be questionable, but the smuggler’s border crossing skills certainly aren’t. If you need it fast and under control, Big Papi is your celebrity.”

Freddy Jr. “The Phenom”

“A rising superstar with close ties to family and tradition, who can shave a man’s cheek with a baseball at 200 metres. His dream is to do it in the events. Yanqui league is on pause while he lends his special talent to Libertad. “

Zenia Zayas “The Artist”

“As Yara’s leading artist and graffiti artist, Zenia is no stranger to urban agitation and finding creative ways to use whatever is at hand to create beautiful pieces. strong message. Her father was a successful propagandist for the old regime, so she has plenty of reasons to want to tie it to the new.”

Alfredo “The Bouncer”

“Alfredo enjoys being part of a career that almost falls in love with himself. Abandoning his reluctance to go to war, he now proudly lends his passion (and muscles) to Libertad.”

Far Cry 6 Currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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