How to Get More Experience (The Easy Way)

In Mass Effect Legendary Edition, players earn XP for killing enemies and completing missions. More XP allows Shepard to level up more often.

Like in most RPGs, players need to earn XP in Legendary version of Mass Effect to level up and unlock more powerful abilities for Shepard and their teammates. Almost every mission the player completes in the game above Block effect trio can award some XP, but completing other activities can award more XP faster. Although the leveling system is different between all three games in Legendary version of Mass Effect, the primary means of earning XP and leveling up to improve strength with Squad Points has not changed much. As players earn enough XP to level up, they can unlock new powers for Shepard and their teammates, increase the potency of those abilities, and even choose to upgrade or specialize heavily for each ability. .

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In general, players do not need to be finishers to earn XP in Legendary version of Mass Effect, but the more planets they explore, the enemies they face, and the side quests they complete, the more money they make. DLC missions are now included with the base game in Legendary version of Mass Effect also provides more opportunities to maximize XP. Here are some activities that players can complete on all three games in Legendary version of Mass Effect trio to earn more XP and level up faster.

How to level up faster in the legendary version of Mass Effect

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To earn more XP and level up faster in Legendary version of Mass Effect, players will need to be more thorough in their approach to galactic exploration. Usually, exploration leads to anomalies and more resources that Shepard can investigate and collect, which always translates into XP bonuses. Discovery is also important to receptive fun and challenging Block effect sidequests can supplement XP gained from completing the main story. If the player has high enough XP to reach the last available character levels in Block effect and 2 . Mass Effect, these benefits carry over to the next game and allow Shepard to start at a much higher level and have more power than they are capable of.

Some of the best things to do to get more XP in each game are listed below:

Block effect

  • Survey every available planet for minerals.
  • Visit all the mapped landmarks while exploring in Mako, salvage probes and investigate anomalies.
  • Complete all optional exercises from Hackett.
  • Talk to NPCs like Dr. Michel and the Feros colonists to get and complete side quests.
  • Talk to teammates and complete their individual quests.
  • Get more Medi-Gel even when supplies are full.
  • Open the crate and unlock the door.
  • Explore Codex information.
  • Kill enemies while outside of Mako (original only Block effect, Not Legendary version).
  • Force more waves of enemies to appear by refusing to destroy their ships and gain XP from kills. This can especially happen in UNC: Geth Incursions.
  • Start and finish Bring down the sky DLC.

2 . Mass Effect

  • Reach the ultimate character levels in Block effect and enter that character.
  • Scan planets for rare minerals and unusual.
  • Complete Anomaly investigations and related side quests.
  • Upgrade weapons and armor.
  • Complete all of your teammates’ Loyalty missions.
  • Get more Medi-Gel even when supplies are full.
  • Open the box, hack the terminal and bypass the safe.
  • Explore Codex information.
  • Start and finish Project Firewalker, Lair of the Shadow Broker, hegemonyand Arrive DLCs.
  • After defeating 2 . Mass Effect once, play with the same character in New Game Plus mode.

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3 . block effect

  • Reach the ultimate character levels in 2 . Mass Effect and enter that character.
  • Scan all planets while hiding from Reapers and gather resources.
  • Complete all side quests.
  • Weapon Upgrade and armor.
  • Visited with teammates while in the Citadel.
  • Help resolve disputes while exploring.
  • Get more Medi-Gel even when supplies are full.
  • Open crates, hack terminals and get past the safe.
  • Explore Codex information.
  • Forced to fight waves of enemies to continue longer. Can be done by not destroying the Harvesters immediately.
  • Start and finish From ashes, Omega, Leviathanand Citadel DLCs.
  • Complete challenges at Armax Arsenal Arena.
  • After defeating 3 . block effect once, play with the same character in New Game Plus mode.

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In 2 . Mass Effect and 3 . block effect, players can mine their XP by changing the difficulty setting to Insanity when they encounter a Health Station. In Insanity, opening Health Stations grants 300 more XP than the player on Normal difficulty. Since there is no limit to how many times a player can change their difficulty, they should be able to easily gain XP and level up this way. It can also work for Codex entries and opening bins and terminals.

Every time Shepard leveled up in Legendary version of Mass Effect, they will get some Team Points. In the Character menu, players can use these squad points to level up their strength and abilities. In 2 . Mass Effect, spending 10 points on a power that allows the player to choose a powerful upgrade for that power. In 3 . block effect, the player can choose a branch from two options on that power’s skill tree to upgrade it in various ways. Leveling up also affects teammates, so players should choose and invest in their strength.

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Legendary version of Mass Effect available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with backward compatibility for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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