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Garlic Jester Minion is obtained mainly through Gardening. Added in Patch 2.3 of A Realm Reborn, you will need to plant Jester Garlic Seeds to evolve Minion.

The seed itself is only available through cross-breeding other seeds (especially Garlic & Mandrake).

In FFXIV, cross-propagation is when you plant two types of seeds side by side in a Home Garden tile. Then the seed has a chance to produce offspring – in this case, the offspring would ideally be your Garlic Jester seed.

Get your garlic Jester

You’ll need a few things to get started.

You will first need access to a gardening plot. These are available to any Free Player or Company with a Home.

The Residential Merchant will sell you the Garden Plots needed to plant the seeds. They are available at the following locations:

  • Lavender bed, X: 11 Y: 8
  • Cup, X: 11 Y: 8
  • The Mist, X: 11 Y: 11
  • Shirogane, X: 10 Y: 12

The tiles come in three sizes – Round, Oblong and Luxury.

Each can contains 4, 6 and 8 seeds, respectively.

The size you choose doesn’t matter here, but the more space you have, the more seeds you can plant. This increases your crossbreeding ability.

Remember to water the plants every day. Otherwise, they will wither and no seeds! /FFXIV
Remember to water the plants every day. Otherwise, they will wither and no seeds!

Once you’ve settled your plot, you’ll need to get some of your soil and seeds.

The type of land that you especially want here is Thanalan topsoil level 3. This type specifically raises the odds that your tree will pass. Which means this is what to do when trying to get special seeds.

You can get it in one of two ways:

  • Quarry level 50 – Western Thanalan, X: 18 Y: 27.5am Eorzean Time.
  • Bertana (Idyllshire, X:6 Y:5) sells this for an unknown Ore you can get from various Heavensward Monster Tribes.

Once you have the Earth, you will need the seed.

Only one hybrid produces Leek Seeds: Garlic Garlic & Mandrake.

  • Mandrake seeds are harvested from Dong La Noscea, X: 27 Y: 29
  • Garlic Garlic is harvested from Western Thanalan – Nophica’s Wells, X: 23 Y: 24

Tip: Seeds may not appear on Nodes immediately. Run among others in the area to refresh them until they appear.

It is important when you are sowing these seeds that you alternate them. Means one then another in order.

Two identical seeds won’t produce the results you wantso keep them away from each other!

With a little luck, these will bring you Leek Seeds.

From there, you’ll need to plant new seeds and wait for the Minion to sprout.

The land you use here doesn’t matter, because which one will generate a single Minion. After about a day or so, you’ll be proud to be the owner of your very own Jester Garlic. How to get Minion Garlic (FFXIV) – FandomSpot


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