How to get lucky eggs

Lucky Egg is a great item to level up Pokemon in the new Pokemon Shining Pearl and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond.


In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl, players can earn some great items for Pokemon to use. One of the best items to get to level up Pokemon in these games is the Lucky Egg.

Lucky egg

In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls, the player can pick up something called a Lucky Egg. This item allows the Pokemon holding it to gain significantly more XP than they would without it, helping them level up at a rapid rate. Lucky Eggs are great for catching a new Pokemon for a leveled ally. All the player has to do is equip the Eggs to the Pokemon that need a little extra boost and have them in their party. It seems there is only one Egg in the entire game, so players will need to rely on Pearl and Diamondcopy glitch to get more than one.


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Lucky Egg location at Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl

There is a Lucky Egg in either Pokemon Shining Pearl or Pokemon Brilliant Diamondand it can be found in the game Grand Underground Map. The Underground is a location that can only be reached by obtaining an Explorer’s Kit. To get this kit, players only need to go to the Underground Man’s House in Eterna City. Inside, an old man will introduce himself as the Underground Man and give the player a Kit so they can enter the Grand Underground. After obtaining it, the player needs to head north.

The Lucky Egg is located in the Underground below the Acuity Lakefront. Players should quickly move to this location, then they can use the Toolkit. When Grand Underground has tons of Pokemon and fossils for players to catch, players will want to get the Egg as soon as possible before getting caught up in all the wonders of the Underground. Head to Icy Cave in the northwestern part of the Underground map.


Inside the Icy Cave, the player needs to go west. Players won’t have to go far; on the value of a screen when walking west, an item will show on the ground. It will be like a little red Pokeball, and inside will be a Lucky Egg. Pick it up. Players can now equip it to the Pokemon that need it most. Now it’s time to hunt some snow-themed Pokemon in these Frozen Caves to help fill out teams and level up those Pokemon that need XP.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl available for Nintendo Switch.

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