How to get Leafeon & Glaceon

The Sinnoh region welcomes two new Eeveelutions to the Pokemon world: Leafeon and Glaceon. Grow them in Diamond / Pearl / Platinum It differs from other Eevee evolutions in that it requires the trainer to level up their Eevee in specific locations. In some generations after Sinnoh, Leafeon and Glaceon can be evolved from Leafstone and Icestone. Now with Brilliant diamond and Shining pearls, the original method to get Leafeon and Glaceon is back.

Like the original game, there is only one Eevee in Brilliant diamond and Shining pearls. Furthermore, if the player wants both Leafeon and Glaceon, they’ll need to breed Eevee (or whoever they choose to evolve Eevee into) at the Pokemon Daycare.


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Evolve Eevee into Leafeon

Brilliant Pokemon Shining Diamonds Pearls Evolved Leafeon

To get Eevee, talk to Bebe in Hearthome City after receiving the National Dex from Professor Rowan. If the player wants a Leafeon, they should either bring this Eevee to the Eterna Forest or breed and develop its offspring.

Enter Eterna Forest from Route 205 and Go northwest to the upper part of the short grass. There should be a mossy rock with a patch of sunlight falling on it. To get Leafeon, upgrade Eevee to near Moss Rock. With a permanent share of experience, Eevee doesn’t need to be in front of the party to gain experience from battles. If the player has a Rare Candy, they can simply give it to Eevee to evolve it into a Leafeon.

If done correctly, Eevee will evolve into Leafeon. This Eeveelution is a physical attacker with solid Defense and good Speed. While players may already have Grass on their team at this point, it’s never a bad idea to have Leafeon as a backup.

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Evolve Eevee into Glaceon

pokemon brilliant diamond shining pearl glaceon evolution

If the player decides they want Glaceon instead of Leafeon, they will need to fly north to Snowpoint City and find Ice Rock on Route 217.

Go through Acuity Lakefront and enter Road 217. There’s a lot of grass and short snow to traverse, so use Repel if wild Pokemon keep jumping out.

After the first short grass on Route 217, go south through the sign And after that go to the right. Players will know if they’re in the right area if there’s a hut and a female skier nearby.

A bit north of this hut there is more grass and Ice Rock. Level up Eevee by making it fight or get EXP from Share EXP. NSInce the Pokemon in this area are stronger than the Pokemon in Eterna Forest, it might be better to just leave Eevee behind while the other Pokemon in the party fight. Even so, fighting wild Pokemon can easily be bypassed by feeding Eevee Rare Candies.

If done correctly and Eevee level up near Ice Rock, it will evolve into Glaceon. Like Leafeon, Glaceon has solid Defense, but has low base Attack and Speed. However, it excels in Special Attack and moderate Special Defense.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls now available on Nintendo Switch.

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