How to get Kudosh fast

Getting some kudosh in Two point campus is not difficult to do. The game constantly gives out a handful here and there. The problem? Access to all the cool stuff locked behind Kudosh currency costs hundreds or even thousands of Kudosh.

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So just a little bit here and there is not good enough. In terms of the bookworms that sometimes give out when caught, or the contests that award tens after an hour or two, this is the best way to get a lump sum of kudosh Two point campus over a short period of time.


Remember that all of these tips can be done on the same campus and at the same time. There is no either/or situation here; Use as many of these tips as you can and it’s almost getting annoying at how much Kudosh to collect.

Teach as many courses as possible

Perfectionists will not want this; Students do better on a campus that has fewer specialty subjects than many. But since players receive kudosh from students who advance through a course, it’s more about quantity than quality.

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Go ahead, get a loan from the bank, and start each course. Working on all seventeen courses will yield many thousands of kudosh in the time it takes a single course campus to give players a hundred. Again, this will result in low happiness and some dropouts, but if Kudosh is the goal, this is what to do. Keep in mind that once these career goals reach the third level, they can no longer earn Kudosh, leaving only one campus to go through this admittedly nightmarish process.

Build all clubs

Similar to the courses, all of these clubs can be conducted on a single campus. As a relief, however, having all of these clubs at once is usually beneficial. They provide students with solid advantages that come into play when navigating the property.

Collecting five Career Goals at once will be one of the bigger loots players can achieve. When the booths are occupied, it’s easy to set them up and let them do their job; Not much micromanagement is required. Just make sure you collect the kudosh after enough students sign up.

Plan each event to repeat

Students want movies, films, sports, parties and music. That’s a lot to try and cram into just a few lounges, fields, and sororities, but doing even one annually adds up. Some, like the sporting events, will be completed in just a few years.

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Others, like the cinema events, should be scheduled two or three times a year. The goal is to plan every free minute to do something. A gap is a waste of all space. Aside from the massive kudosh of career goals, this will keep students happy.

Complete all research

One of the few benefits that carries over from campus to campus is research. If that’s not enough of an incentive, after researching enough projects, a little kudosh awaits at each stage. Research can be expensive, so it’s best to do it on a well-funded campus.

Never stop exercising

Training is initially as expensive as research, but pays off in the long run. And while upgrades and research each cost money, training is free. That is the practical reason for constantly training employees.

Additionally, there are four categories of career goals related to education: Fully Qualified, Qualified Professors, Qualified Assistants, and Qualified Janitors. Get each member in line and watch the kudosh pour in. This is much faster than identifying and achieving a student’s personal goals.

Update all new devices

The upgrade needs to start early when it comes to Kudosh making. Unlike students and staff, who are subject to an endless flow, there are typically only a handful of lecterns, hubs, and stations that are allowed to be upgraded.

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Get in the habit of factoring the upgrades into the cost of the room. They are both handy and useful for getting kudosh from the career goal. If the device in question is defective, repair it before calling a service technician.

Put love benches everywhere

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to get Kudosh is by adding a few Love Banks to each area. The career goal requires only that students fall in love, not that love be fully cultivated. It’s fulfilling to get any romance to level ten, but kudosh only requires puppy love.

landscape for fun

One of the easiest career goals is landscaping. It might sound like getting expensive because the meter measures by the altered square. However, some of the scenery options are free! Just landscape and then landscape over it. It’s actually free Kudosh in no time!

Provide mentoring for students

The big problem here is being on a campus where students experience both mental and physical trauma. Counseling and medical centers should be established and staffed to help students recover from these problems. To maximize Kudosh career goals, have assistants trained in their specialty so they can progress through as many students as possible.

catch bookworms

As already mentioned, the bookworms themselves aren’t all that valuable. Many don’t give off kudosh at all, and when they do, there’s nothing to gasp about. But they are free and regularly spawn on campus. The real trick is to catch them until the career goal is reached. After that, grab them when it suits you, but you don’t have to go hunting.

Two point campus is now available for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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