How to get into the secret room (Drake and Serpent’s Trail)

Entering the Chamber of Secrets in the Drake and Serpent Trail is one of many puzzles in The Genshin effect. This quest will grant the player one of three Reins of Revival Fragment. The shards will then be matched with previously found Golden Bridle players. It is said that the Reins of Revival have the ability to command spirits to talk, and so recovering the precious treasure would demonstrate the hero’s “regal authority” over Enkanomiya.

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Of course, since it was meant to be a test, The Genshin effect Players should not expect the trial to be easy. There will be puzzles and challenges ahead. If visitors are having trouble in the Evernight temple, this article will explain How to enter the secret room and solve puzzles.

How to enter the secret room in the impact of Genshin

Mission location on the map

South to the island of the Evernight Temple, under Waypoint, lies a small room hidden underground. Players can reach it if they keep going down.

change between light and dark

When the player reaches the Chamber of Secrets, it will be locked with a sealing object Daise of Night next to no. To unlock the Device, they can follow these steps:

  • Switch to White Night, spreading light throughout Enkanomiya.
  • The device will disappear and some Rifthounds will appear instead.
  • Defeat the Rifthounds.
  • Switch back Evernight and the Daises of Night Device will not be sealed.

After following these steps, the player can tap on the Device and open the Chamber of Secrets.

how to switch between light and dark

After entering, Enkanomiya’s cycle change to “date” again. This will grant the player the ability to interact with the Equipment and Mechanics available inside the Chamber of Secrets.

How to complete the secret room puzzle in Genshin impact

only two switches needed to solve this puzzle

Getting inside the Chamber of Secrets is one more step to complete The Trail of Drake and the Serpent mission. The first thing players will notice are the two handles (Right and left), and a Triangle mechanism. Visitors should carefully interact with each Mechanism to open their way to the Chamber of Secrets.

Hit the mechanism first

First, go to the Triangle Mechanic and hit it. That will cause a wall to move into unused space.

2nd time start right switch

Then move to the Right Handlebar and activate it. Some doors will open and close. But most importantly, it will open the main door leading deeper into the Chamber of Secrets.

3rd time press the mechanism again

Then press the Triangle Mechanic again and move the wall again into the newly opened space.

4th time start the left switch

Now it’s time for the Left Handle. The player must activate the switch to open a new space for the next wall.

The 5th time hitting the machine again

After the Traveler touches the Triangle Mechanic one last time, the wall will move into the new empty space created by the last move.

Friday start the left switch again

And finally, activate the Left Grip one last time and the path to the Chamber of Secrets will open.

However, note that there are some solution for this Genshin Riddle. This direction is simply one of the available methods.

What's inside the secret room?

Inside the Chamber of Secrets, there will be a sealed chest in the middle of an empty room. The player will must defeat many Rifthounds to open it.

complete mission

Opening the chest will complete the quest and the Traveler will receive Reins of Revival Fragment (Temple).

The Genshin effect Now available on Mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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